Sunday, October 07, 2007

Meatbag Creates Meatbag Without Sex!

Synthetic genetics is not only fun to say, but it may be a reality. According to this Guardian article, a meatbag actually beat robots to the whole creating-life-in-a-test-tube thing. And now he's trying to patent it. Because he wants to make a buck. As usual. Who is this new Dr. Amazing/Dr. Evil? None other than the Biological Researcher's number one Bad Boy, Craig Venter.

Yes, the bastard that tried to privatize gene coding so people would have to pay, well, him, to access that data. In June 2005 he founded another company, Synthetic Genomics, which set about trying to make a buck off of creating microorganisms that create - or become - alternate energy sources. It seems like he has finally done it - or at least created something. Now he is in the process of duplicating his experiment and if this works, he will likely announce it to the world. Oh yeah, and he has a patent on it of course. And he named his sloop the Sorcerer II. I've long suspected that if Venter could patent scientific research he would.

Now the guy is greedy, but he is one damn fine scientist. The first human to create life is quite a notch on the resume. I only wish this technology was in the hands of someone a little less interested in money.

This announcement coming so close to the announcement of cloaking devices and perhaps Star Trek is upon us. Don't expect Jeri Ryan or the rest of the Borg on your doorstep anytime soon though.

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