Friday, December 14, 2007

Tally Sheet:

Part 1:

VTD 344: Done
LARC 383: Done
ARCH 385: Done
FORP 365: Done
ARCH 353: Done

And by done I mean I have finished the assignments, taken the tests, and turned most everything in. Done does not mean the class is over though they will never meet again. This semester was a bank for me. I will be getting stuff out of it forever.

Part 2:

Considering how much Hookah I smoke regularly, and how much more I smoke when I am doing homework, I have been trying ways to measure approximately how much. Bowl counts don't work because I always forget how many. Now though, I have come up with a way. I tested myself over the last two weeks - dead week and finals week - and this is my result:

Two and a half cups of ash. That's about a box and a half of Royal Charcoal Coals made from condensed olive seeds. Granted, I smoke much more than usual during the end of the semester, but that is a lot.

Part 3:

I didn't want to quit this time. There was no "I HATE ARCHITECTURE" this time. I am in it now. I will never get out of it. It is in me. It is me now. It's where I need to be.


Now that my work is done, posting will resume its almost daily frequency. Thank you for your patience.


Radish King said...

I can't believe you came to Seattle and saw Jared and not me. That's right, we talk. About you!!!

*evil cackle*


Anonymous the Younger said...

I might be coming over in February for the Saul Williams concert! And me and Lu desire to witness another reading of yours. That is a must. Let us know!