Friday, January 18, 2008

Best Comic(s) Of The Week 3

If someone says Air and isn't talking about a French band or an environment, I think I'm going to cry. Yes it's thin. But it doesn't have an optical drive and has very little battery life. Also, a 13.3 inch ultraportable? That's just a small laptop, not an ultraportable. Get an EeePC: its open source and smaller - 7 inches - with 3.5 hours of sweet surfing or word processing goodness. And it's not $1800. It's under $500. If you can't tell, I am so far not a fan of the Air. I absolutely love the fact that the Air has the multi-touch of the i-have-no-battery-life-Phone. That software and hardware is awesome. So on that note we'll start with my favorite this week.

Hijinks Ensue: The Omega Directive

XKCD: Redwall

Basic Instructions: How to Listen to Other People Talk About Their Vacations

Of Noobs and Men: #24 It's Undiluted Fun

Extra Life: Little Known Downsides of the Writer's Strike #45434

The Warehouse: Jokes About Staying in the Closet Start Now and Flash Photography

There they are. And here is the hilarious picture of the week: a table full of Airs. So I decided that seven will be the max number of comics for this little Friday feature. Today there were three others that were close, but these seven made me laugh the most.

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