Friday, January 25, 2008

Best Comic(s) Of The Week 4

A lot of good ones again this week. It has been two great weeks in a row. Instead of having one favorite, this week I have two. They are the first two.

Hijinks Ensue: The Mackbook Air is Pretty and Dumb

XKCD: Journal

Basic Instructions: How to Get the Most Entertainment for Your Video Gaming Dollar

VG Cats: Left Behind

Dueling Analogs: Draining the Snake

Extra Life: Kirby's Lament

Digital Unrest: In the Year 2080

The Warehouse: At Least it's not Family Circus

Ninja Ken: A Guy Shot Through Space one, two, and three.

And this one wouldn't work for me, but it was funny when somebody emailed it. Hopefully the site is back up and running soon. And I found a new webcomic: Strange Gods.

Considering Cyanide and Happiness is so funny and there are four writers there, I introduce another aspect of the Best Comic(s) of the Week feature:

The Best Cyanide and Happiness(s) of the week: Innovative Running

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