Wednesday, January 09, 2008

mewithoutYou Update!

A week and a half before the writing process begins on a new album! Sweet. Longtime readers of this site know that I have a teenage girl's obsession with three bands: mewithoutYou, The Mars Volta, and Architecture in Helsinki. mwY holds a special place in my heart because of the honesty and openness and evident humanity-striving-to-be-better-ness of the band, as well as their music. So I guess it's time I shared my first mwY story/how I discovered mwY story.

I was working a job in the Seattle area real estate market and had just gotten paid. This was like, high school sometime. I guess summer between Junior and Senior year. After all my bills I had $30 so I did what I usually did with it and went to a record store. I don't even remember which one. I grew up listening to Tooth & Nail Records so if it had the T&N logo on it I usually ended up with it. It was a Tuesday, or more appropriately, new music day. I had heard a lot about Four Walled Blackmail by Dead Poetic so I picked that one up, then I found this CD case with awesome cover art (above). I hadn't heard of the band, I just new they were on T&N and had awesome cover work. So I picked up the album. Blew me away. From the fourth listen on I was taken. The organization, the energy, even their flirtations with conventional music had me hooked. That album was the soundtrack to my senior year of high school but luckily it kept growing on me. Now I cannot pin it down to a specific place or time. [A-->B] Life is a part of me - a big influence on everything I create. But everything hinged on their second release - if a band doesn't continue to grow I usually abandon them. Catch for us the Foxes delivered in a big way, as did Brother, Sister and I will always be there the day the stores open to buy their newest album. Which brings me back to yesterday's announcement that a new album is coming maybe this year.

ATY's status: Giddy. A new Mars Volta and mewithoutYou in the same year? Giddy. Definitely giddy.

Photocredit: theshutterdistrict.

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