Friday, February 29, 2008

Best Comic(s) Of The Week 9

And we don't have much standing out today: it's all pretty funny. You know what I always say, no comic left behind. All of these are my favorites. I'm going to go watch a movie on Helvetica now. I am so excited for this movie. If you've ever read a bok review of mine you know the font is a huge issue. I'm excited to learn more about Helvetica.

2P Start!: Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum

Two from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: I Wrote A Sonnet and Hiroki-San, Look!

The Perry Bible Fellowship: Bee

XKCD: Keeping Time

Dueling Analogs: This is PORTAL

The Warehouse: Activewear

White Ninja: White Ninja is a Dangerous Storm

Extralife: Tasty Pink Delight

And the best Cyanide and Happiness this week: Hey man, why so glum?

And here is a cautionary tale from Ctrl+Alt+Del: Intelligence Optional

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seattle Central Library Reading Platform

The elevators are behind the camera and you are looking at a photograph of the entire western skin on this level. I use Autostitch. You can see the railing the camera is on at both extreme left and right.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Seattle Central Library Conference Level

Triptych of people walking away from me.


I have updated my flickr account quite extensively.

Friday, February 22, 2008

February In Racing: There Is Most Definitely A God

1. So WAY back in August 2007 I did a bit on the Bentley Audi Killer. At the end I wrote:

ACO press conference at Le Mans 2006: They announced a major rules overhaul in 2010, the main point being that all LMP1s must be closed top from then on. Lola and KWM Creation immediately revealed that they have been working on coupe versions of their existing cars already. Audi has been silent on the issue.

Audi is still silent on the issue. But Lola sure as hell isn't, especially if you live in or around Warwick, England.


And guess who is providing the engine:

Holy Shit.

And here are the pictures:

Link to the motivemagazine article.


2. On February 19th, the ACO released their list for the 2008 Le Mans and this is how I feel:

GT2: What happened? We have 2 Spykers and a back-up one, 3 Porsches with two back-ups, and 8 Ferraris. Man, come on.

GT1: They heard my plea from last month. Well, they almost did. Oreca dropped Saleen, but those beautiful and loud cars had to go somewhere, right? They went to France: Larbre is running 1 Saleen and a back-up. And Lambo? That's right, they got one in the race and a back-up! The rest is just four DBR9s and four C6.Rs.

LMP2: Penske didn't take the ACO up on the invite, but the Danes did. The Dutch too! That makes 2 Porsche RS Spyders in the race. Zytek has 3. MG has 1. Judd has 3. AER has 2, and Mazda has 1.

LMP1: If you're counting along, you realize that this leaves 20 cars for the LMP1 category with three back-ups. And here is where the ACO shined this year: 9 Judds in 6 body styles, 3 Audis on 2 teams, 3 Peugeots on 2 teams, 1 YGK, 1 AER, 1 AIM, 1 Mugen, and 1 Aston Martin (above). This is going to rock. Oreca is helping out the YGK team.

Link to the PDF list here.


3. Dakar died this year. But guess what! Next year it's going to be a series! Chile, Argentina, and the Paris-Dakar are all being considered for races. This is incredibly good news for Raid lovers everywhere. And guess what else (I'm starting to talk like Heidegger)! This year they will hit Hungary!

Link to this years announcement.
Link to Dakar Website News on next years Series.

Best Comic(s) Of The Week 8

So if you've hung out with me for the past six months, you know I have developed an obsession with Europe's "The Final Countdown," and have even started collecting links of references to the song. Well, this week I received the best one yet: Melo-M playing "The Final Countdown." First off, I think this is an awesome version of the song. Secondly, I hurt myself laughing from minute 1:02 to 1:20. What a badass.

My favorite this week is Basic Instruction's How to Boost a Friend's Confidence. Every single square had me laughing anew, which is what I've come to expect from Scott Meyer. Anyways, on to the rest:

XKCD: Duty Calls

ExtraLife: Mario Meets Portal

The Warehouse: Reap What You Sno

Real Life Comics: Eclipse Viewing

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Aquarium Fun

Hijinks Ensue: Bluehost, how can I Enrage You?, and The Proper Culturally Significant Send-Off For HD DVD.

And the Best Cyanide & Happiness of this week is: What's Up, Naked Guy With A Shotgun?

And I found two new comics this week:

Monkey Fluids
White Ninja Comics

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rest In Peace


Malcolm & Yuri
----a found poem


I told him I wanted
to shake his hand,
and he asked me why.

I told him it was for what he was
doing for his people,
and he asked what it was he was doing.

I told him
he was giving directions,
and it was then that he broke away

from the crowd, came
over to me, and held out his hands.
That was how I met Malcolm.


And he felt, too, that it was too narrowed down
when they would use words
that they were just fighting for civil rights.

He wanted to learn all
about the different countries in Africa,
and they were as excited to meet him.

And I think what was so wonderful
is that Malcolm taught his group
about the history of Africa,

where they became colonized.
And then he told the people in Africa
what was happening here,

how blacks were treated,
and that many of the young people
didn’t even know about slavery,

because this country never told them anything.
Malcolm thought that this civil rights thing
was really nothing, because African people

don’t have to wait until some president
of another country would give civil rights,
they already had human rights.


I mean Malcolm had fallen
and he was on his back
lying on the floor.

I went up there
and picked up his head,
put it in my lap.

They tore his shirt
to see how many
times he was hit.

I said, “Please Malcolm, please,
stay alive,” but he was hit
so many times.

People ask, “What did he say?”
but he didn’t say anything.
He was just having
a difficult time breathing.


Yuri's interview on Democracy Now.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today Is:

1. International Pipe Smoking Day
2. Anniversary of the Met's Opening
3. Anniversary of the Taking of Eniwetok Atoll
4. Anniversary of Prussia's Death
5. Anniversary of John Glenn's First Orbit of the Earth
6. Anniversary of the Reqa Al-Gharbiya Tragedy
7. Ansel Adams' Birthday
8. Kurt Cobain's Birthday
9. Robert Altman's Birthday
10. Ludwig Boltzmann's Birthday
11. Enzo Ferrari's Birthday
12. Pierre Boulle's Birthday
13. Ibrahim Ferrer's Birthday
14. Gordon Brown's Birthday
15. Joel Hodgson's Birthday
16. The Anniversary of K'inich Kan B'alam II's Death
17. Anniversary of Al-Musta'sim-Billah Abu-Ahmad Abdullah bin al-Mustansir-Billah's Death
18. Anniversary of Tecún Umán's Death
19. Anniversary of Frederick Douglass' Death
20. Anniversary of Ferruccio Lamborghini's Death
21. Anniversary of Hunter S. Thompson's Death
22. Number twenty-one leads to me: On the day he died we held a reading at a UW bookstore. I saw Rebecca read. I read. It changed my life forever. Link and link. So number twenty-two is Anonymous the Younger embraces poetry irreconcilably.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

Best Comic(s) Of The Week 7

Valentine's day seems to brings out some pretty damn good comics from the online comics crowd. My favorite three are at the top.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Party Tip

Digital Unrest: Fungi Gone Wild

Hijinks Ensue: If Loving You...

And now, the rest:

Hijinks Ensue: A Prison for College Students and Divorced Men

Dueling Analogs: A Gaming Comics How-To

Ctr+Alt+Del: Glue Connoisseur

Pixelated Pupils: Discount Den of Doom Page 7

Perry Bible Fellowship: Fire Alarm This one is just for Morgan, the other half of the world famous M&M "SHAVINGSHAVINGSHAVING!" duo.

VG Cats: Humble Suggestion

The Best Cyanide and Happiness of the week is: Happy Valentines Day

As one of the funniest comic sequences in a couple years, here is the Real Life Comics Murphy Storyline:

The Prologue from 2002
Exploration from 2002: A Definition
Exploration from 2004: Dead Greg Day
Part 1: Greg Goes Bad
Part 2: Can't Be Too Careful
Part 3: Let's Roll
Part 4: Something Went Wrong
Part 5: Proximity Alarm
Part 6: Something Went Really Wrong
Part 7: Misunderstood Murphy
Part 8: The Accident
Epilogue: Where?!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heidegger Again: Sameing

Is it that the lack of something, the disruption of our referential contexts, does not draw attention to its lack solely? I mean, our conversation tonight swayed to Othering and how “Sameing” – if I can be so bold as to coin a term for approaching-the-average-everydayness-of-your-referential-contexts (man, those hyphen words are fun) – is also a process humanity gains to define the who-I-am. But I can also apply this to the ready-to-hand -> present-to-hand transition: The lack, in its conspicuousness, draws the most attention but it may not draw all the attention. A side effect of the lack is that I re-examine my referential context – partly for the purpose I need the object’s lacking readiness-to-hand, but also because I am surprised but what is fundamentally a new referential context. I guess that too comes out of the lack but I am seeing a separation there that may or may not be valid. The impetus for the re-examination (or re-familiarization) is certainly the lack, but the re-examination can become a separate process. I guess the process is often most manifest in the search for an object Being of the same readiness-to-hand that I needed. But more than that, if I lay out my clothes for tomorrow morning and wake up to find the shirt missing, I not only look for a shirt (or the shirt depending on its importance to the outfit), but I also examine what is laid out to see anew what I have not forgotten. It seems that this later process has a seperateness from the former process, which is clearly caused by the lack. But though the lack may be an impetus for the new examination it must not be the only impetus. For instance, I can examine the referential contexts for the purpose of changing the pre-arraigned outfit.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Heidegger's Response To Yesterday's Post

We can, but we shouldn't.

I apparently stumbled onto the only time Heidegger delves concretely into moral philosophy. Though he doesn't say this directly, he quotes Kant saying this and basically responds by saying, "this is Dasein's ought-to in contrast to rape." [paraphrase]

Anyways, some Heidegger links:

A Heidegger Cut-Out Doll

A Heidegger T-Shirt

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sex And Heidegger

I was interested in the discussion on pages 103-104: present-to-hand is a fundamental element of ready-to-hand. The way I see it, this elemental mode of present-to-hand is also applicable to Dasein – or, more surely, human-Things. Namely, the elemental present-to-handness of Dasein is brought to the fore when Dasein embraces the possibility of having no more possibilities. This is evidenced in language when we call a dead human-Thing a corpse, not a boyfriend, mother, sister, soldier, et cetera. This leads into the question I raised a couple weeks ago about Dasein’s ready-to-handness. Elementally, human-Things are capable of being ready-to-hand – I can use a human-Thing for sexual pleasure, or to make a point – but I am still confused as to how this applies to the psyche. I think your psyche is ready-to-hand to me because I can ask it a question and you will answer. I can make my psyche better by conversation with yours. So, with this interpretation, the psyche comes to the fore – the Daseinness. For example, I cannot have sex with a random guy in a bar because I first have to convince him he wants to. I know it is possible to force the Dasein to not take the fore, but that usually constitutes a crime.

Sometimes I get tired of Heidegger. So when I am bored, I look at the above picture and laugh. Then I read some more.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Last Month In Racing: There Is A God

My biggest complaint with the ALMS last year, was that their regulations did not fully conform with the ACO's. Now I like anarchy as much as the next, but come on, not letting the Porsche RS Spyder race at Le Mans? Well now they're back in line and the Spyder has an invite to the big one. But they turned it down because they are turds.

But some of my wishes from last year's ALMS/LMES season have come true:

1. Peugeot may appear on American tarmac! Y'all probably know of my obsession with this closed-top Audi-killer, but dear God, will it last Sebring's roughness? I know who I'm rooting for, and for once it's the fastest. Please sign on. Please?

2. BMW is back! But not until 2009. But they're coming with Diesel. And it is the new M3, which looks sexy as a racecar. Letterman-Rahal are to thank for this.

3. The Viper returns to American racing. Were they gone? Oh yeah, they were in France. Well, anyways, we now have four GT2 marquees racing for twelve different teams, which makes me giddy.

4. Aston is now in a Vantage on the track. Dude, sweet. It will be bio-ethanol powered. I didn't even know one of my wishes was a Vantage. I'll take it and praise the way it looks. Hopefully it's faster than the N24 Captain Slow drove.

5. The Acura looks like sex. If you can get past that paint job. Or this one. That front end is hot.

6. "According to the Selection Committee all the requests are of an extremely high quality, and 4 different makes want to race closed prototypes in the 2008 Le Mans 24 Hours." Hell yes.

7. 88 entries for Le Mans. By January 23rd, 88 teams had entered applications for the 2008 Le Mans. 55 will be chosen.

However, a few of my complaints are still present.

1. Ignoring the Pacific Northwest. Come on, Utah and California are not the Pacific Northwest. Can I get a race closer than 14 hours away? Please? We've got a few tracks you can use. Please?

2. GT1 is shallow. VERY shallow.

2.a: Saleen!!! Come back!!!

2.b: Lamborghini!!! Come back!!!

2.c: Anybody? Please?

3. Peugeot is likely only onboard for Sebring. Sigh. Damn-it Audi. I guess you'll have another season.

And then there is the bad news.

1. Early on, Penske turned down their automatic invitation to Le Mans 2008 because they suck. Hopefully they recanted that before January 23rd.

1. Oreca-Saleen is dead. It is now Oreca-Courage and they are going to enter an LMP1. Dear God why? Do they think they can win? They took 5th last year - in a Saleen. Only one privateer LMP1 team finished in the top five. Yeah, that's hopeful.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Best Comic(s) Of The Week 6

This week wasn't that funny to me. Maybe it's just because I'm sick or something. Well, my favorites are the two Grammar ones and the Real Life on-going. I am calling Matthew (of the world famous M & M SHAVINGSHAVINGSHAVING duo) the syntax god, from now on. That guy knows his shit, and tells us about it.

Two Grammar Ones:

Penny Arcade: Noah Webster, You're My Only Hope

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: ~Life Tip~

And the Real Life Series: the prologue from 2002, the exploration from 2002, and this weeks part one, two, and three. I expect it to continue. Check here for more updates to this storyline.

And now for the rest:

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Feb 5th

ActionTrip: Age of Censorship, which is about this.

The Perry Bible Fellowship: Preach Skate

Basic Instructions: How to Deal with Someone who Doesn't Like You

GamerPALs: Falcon Punch!

And the best Cyanide and Happiness of the week: Grown ups are so mean!

Now for more of the Tom Cruise, Scientologist on Tom Cruise, Scientologist.

You might remember these three comics from last week: Hijinks Ensue: How Tom Cruise Remembers 9/11 part one, two, and three.

Well a lot of people didn't understand the depth of those comics, so here is the video that sparked them. And here are two video take-offs: PS3ology, and Craig Ferguson.

And I found 5 new comics this week:

Toothpaste for Dinner
Animals Have Problems Too
Natalie Dee
Gamer Pals

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!

After three long years, Williams' new album released November 1st, 2007 - legally and online. Though the purchasing mechanism has been the source of much attention (go pay $5 for the FLAC version) I want to focus more on the album.

Most people know I love me some Saul, but this took me back. At first I was truly repulsed. This wasn't like "Our Father," "Wine," or "Notice of Eviction." This was something... else. Most of my friends say it was Trent's influence, and while I can see that, I would say it is more of a Dead Emcee Scrolls influence. I'm talking thinking. Saul has always been a thinker and that's why I love him, but in this album he takes it to the next level.

It may strike you at first (and strike is the best word for this wall-of-sound album) as offensive and lacking the depth and refreshing optimism of his earlier work, but trust me, this is just as pointed as his self-titled. This is more so. This album, like the book, is a mocking assault of mainstream rap. I take as my evidence the song "Break." A sampling of lines: "Death creeps through the streets over programmed beats... Placin' tags on feet. A Nike Air Force fleet. Custom made: unique..." And the song is preceded by 30 seconds of "spit it out," lambasting the usual lengthy period of yeah's preceding rap songs. If you are new to hip-hop and don't understand the difference between rap and hip-hop, listen to something by the G-Unit to get an idea of rap, then check out anything by Anticon to get an idea of hip-hop. Saul's album is firmly in the hip-hop camp and clearly anti-rap. That's a good thing. I like hip-hop. I hate rap.

Once you get through the assault of the first couple of listens, the true genius of this album slowly unfolds. Saul's reach outside of the world of hip-hop for inspiration and help keeps with his experimental nature, and works best here than on any of his other albums. "Scared Money," "Sunday, Bloody Sunday," "Skin of a Drum," - these are songs you will not hear anywhere else, and every single song on here rocks. This is an oddity for me. Usually there are a few songs on an album that stand out so much they begin to define it. Not so here. This album is an album of equals. An album without any "filler," as Rebecca puts it.

This album is exactly in-step with Saul's experimenting nature and it takes it the next step. I love it, but then, who really expected me not to? And no, I don't like it simply because I think he is a gorgeous human being.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Am Ready To Talk About It Now

The new The Mars Volta album, The Bedlam in Goliath, has been out legally for about a week now - about a month including other methods. I am currently on listen 20 of the entire album. Let's get one thing straight right off the bat:

1. This ain't and it is your daddy's The Mars Volta

a) It is most definitely not your daddy's TMV because this album is fucking on. It starts out fast and it ends fast and it's fast in between. This album is more flat-out-rock than any other TMV album to date - including live stuff. Omar says it "was our most aggressive."

b) That means there are less of what your paps would call "weird parts." I know friends who hate TMV and are considering buying this album. I, on the other hand, am an obsessive nerd and I find it amazing.

2. This is a musically better TMV

Call it four albums in Amsterdam, call it El Búfalo de la Noche, call it a curse, call it the new drummer, but this TMV surprised me. There are points where I expected a certain guitar rift, a certain vocal inflection, a certain drum beat, and didn't get it. Absolutely necessary in my book.

3. It is a scary album

I originally thought this album would tear me in half for one of two reasons: either it would be so amazing or just more of the same. After reading the backstory, I was scared that it might actually tear me in half. I anticipated the album being scary as hell. I was wrong. It is scary as fuck. The slow revelation of Goliath and his wishes gets to me every time. I shiver when he demands, "Bring me that corpse please." What Cedric wrote for the lyrics is chillingly powerful. The structure of the lyrics and the songs reveal a poetic pacing that makes this album a little easier to understand than De-Loused, but still just as engaging.

I tired of saying that this album would be TMV's make or break in my eyes. Now I can declare: it is most definitely make. To me, this album is the continuation of their musical experimentation crystallized in De-Loused, and that is all I asked for. Buy it if you like writing, thinking, music, or innovation.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Why I Hate & Love A Daily Dose Of Architecture

A Daily Dose of Architecture is a very popular architecture blog - often placing first on people's lists of favorite architecture blogs. But I have some problems with it and will use two recent articles to show why I hate it and why I love it.

1. Hate. Hi, I'm Lise. Buy this phone.

From Vitruvius, to Heidegger, to Libeskind, architects have never been considered "working stiffs" as opposed to "high-class." To me, the fundamental assumption that one person is universally more attractive than another is not valid. I am opinionated, but these opinions don't fly with me. And then to say Zaha Hadid is ugly... Man. I think she is sexy. I really do. Furthermore, saying that architects are not valid advertisers for cell phones when architects spend so much time traveling and on their phone as well as so much time designing, come on John. Think it through a little. "I was quite shocked to see an architect hawking expensive mobile electronics." Wow. Architects hawk buildings. Last I checked buildings are generally more expensive than cell phones, but I could be wrong. Architects are becoming starchitects like models become supermodels. That's all.

2. Love. Half Dose #44: Saint- Nazaire Alvéole 14

I love it when he points out projects and architects that I don't hear about in school. This one, in particular is a good article.

But the good outweighs the bad by far and it's usually quite personal when I don't like an article he writes.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tesla Motors Update

This Week: The first Tesla Roadster rolls into San Carlos this week. Elon Musk, Tesla Motors' chairman, gets the first delivery at Tesla Motors headquarters.

March 17th: Production begins.

The Past: Motor Trend, AutoWeek, and Road & Track have all reviewed the car. Check outMotor Trend's video review while waiting for Top Gear's next season review of the Roadster - because if they don't they're dumb. And here is an article on the crash tests, with pictures. Need a Kleenex now? I might.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Best Comic(s) Of The Week 5

I have a favorite again this week. As usual it is at the top.

XKCD: Journal 2, the sequel to last weeks half-favorite, Journal.

And in second place is Basic Instructions, with How to Pick a New Razor. This is a hilarious strip, but it takes second also because M & M like to talk about shaving. They talk about it a lot. I get annoyed because I don't shave. Sometimes I think, maybe annoyed isn't the right word. But then either M will look at me and say, "SHAVINGSHAVINGSHAVING," and I realize, yes, annoyed is the right word. It is perfect.

Now in no particular order, the rest:

Dueling Analogs: Red Ring of Death

Hijinks Ensue: How Tom Cruise Remembers 9/11 part one, two, and three.

Monday Night Crew: No More Potty Training

The Warehouse: Names of a Feather Flock Together

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Surgery Lesson #14

Strange Gods: Chemco

And I found another new comic this week, Real Life Comics. The man who draws it recently moved from San Francisco, to Texas. Here are my two favorites that I have read so far: What's That?, Hey Liz, look at this!, What are you working on?, and my favorite so far, Ah sweet. Best one from this week: We're Headed for Venus

And this week we have two from Cyanide and Happiness: Buying a Car, and Kids, Your Father is Dead.