Friday, February 01, 2008

Best Comic(s) Of The Week 5

I have a favorite again this week. As usual it is at the top.

XKCD: Journal 2, the sequel to last weeks half-favorite, Journal.

And in second place is Basic Instructions, with How to Pick a New Razor. This is a hilarious strip, but it takes second also because M & M like to talk about shaving. They talk about it a lot. I get annoyed because I don't shave. Sometimes I think, maybe annoyed isn't the right word. But then either M will look at me and say, "SHAVINGSHAVINGSHAVING," and I realize, yes, annoyed is the right word. It is perfect.

Now in no particular order, the rest:

Dueling Analogs: Red Ring of Death

Hijinks Ensue: How Tom Cruise Remembers 9/11 part one, two, and three.

Monday Night Crew: No More Potty Training

The Warehouse: Names of a Feather Flock Together

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Surgery Lesson #14

Strange Gods: Chemco

And I found another new comic this week, Real Life Comics. The man who draws it recently moved from San Francisco, to Texas. Here are my two favorites that I have read so far: What's That?, Hey Liz, look at this!, What are you working on?, and my favorite so far, Ah sweet. Best one from this week: We're Headed for Venus

And this week we have two from Cyanide and Happiness: Buying a Car, and Kids, Your Father is Dead.

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