Friday, February 08, 2008

Best Comic(s) Of The Week 6

This week wasn't that funny to me. Maybe it's just because I'm sick or something. Well, my favorites are the two Grammar ones and the Real Life on-going. I am calling Matthew (of the world famous M & M SHAVINGSHAVINGSHAVING duo) the syntax god, from now on. That guy knows his shit, and tells us about it.

Two Grammar Ones:

Penny Arcade: Noah Webster, You're My Only Hope

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: ~Life Tip~

And the Real Life Series: the prologue from 2002, the exploration from 2002, and this weeks part one, two, and three. I expect it to continue. Check here for more updates to this storyline.

And now for the rest:

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Feb 5th

ActionTrip: Age of Censorship, which is about this.

The Perry Bible Fellowship: Preach Skate

Basic Instructions: How to Deal with Someone who Doesn't Like You

GamerPALs: Falcon Punch!

And the best Cyanide and Happiness of the week: Grown ups are so mean!

Now for more of the Tom Cruise, Scientologist on Tom Cruise, Scientologist.

You might remember these three comics from last week: Hijinks Ensue: How Tom Cruise Remembers 9/11 part one, two, and three.

Well a lot of people didn't understand the depth of those comics, so here is the video that sparked them. And here are two video take-offs: PS3ology, and Craig Ferguson.

And I found 5 new comics this week:

Toothpaste for Dinner
Animals Have Problems Too
Natalie Dee
Gamer Pals

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tourquoise said...

Thank you so much for clearing up this whole Tom Cruise thing. I'm feeling kind of fragile over the whole thing. It was great seeing you through the haze on Friday. Stay dastardly, love, T.