Friday, February 15, 2008

Best Comic(s) Of The Week 7

Valentine's day seems to brings out some pretty damn good comics from the online comics crowd. My favorite three are at the top.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Party Tip

Digital Unrest: Fungi Gone Wild

Hijinks Ensue: If Loving You...

And now, the rest:

Hijinks Ensue: A Prison for College Students and Divorced Men

Dueling Analogs: A Gaming Comics How-To

Ctr+Alt+Del: Glue Connoisseur

Pixelated Pupils: Discount Den of Doom Page 7

Perry Bible Fellowship: Fire Alarm This one is just for Morgan, the other half of the world famous M&M "SHAVINGSHAVINGSHAVING!" duo.

VG Cats: Humble Suggestion

The Best Cyanide and Happiness of the week is: Happy Valentines Day

As one of the funniest comic sequences in a couple years, here is the Real Life Comics Murphy Storyline:

The Prologue from 2002
Exploration from 2002: A Definition
Exploration from 2004: Dead Greg Day
Part 1: Greg Goes Bad
Part 2: Can't Be Too Careful
Part 3: Let's Roll
Part 4: Something Went Wrong
Part 5: Proximity Alarm
Part 6: Something Went Really Wrong
Part 7: Misunderstood Murphy
Part 8: The Accident
Epilogue: Where?!

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