Friday, February 22, 2008

Best Comic(s) Of The Week 8

So if you've hung out with me for the past six months, you know I have developed an obsession with Europe's "The Final Countdown," and have even started collecting links of references to the song. Well, this week I received the best one yet: Melo-M playing "The Final Countdown." First off, I think this is an awesome version of the song. Secondly, I hurt myself laughing from minute 1:02 to 1:20. What a badass.

My favorite this week is Basic Instruction's How to Boost a Friend's Confidence. Every single square had me laughing anew, which is what I've come to expect from Scott Meyer. Anyways, on to the rest:

XKCD: Duty Calls

ExtraLife: Mario Meets Portal

The Warehouse: Reap What You Sno

Real Life Comics: Eclipse Viewing

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Aquarium Fun

Hijinks Ensue: Bluehost, how can I Enrage You?, and The Proper Culturally Significant Send-Off For HD DVD.

And the Best Cyanide & Happiness of this week is: What's Up, Naked Guy With A Shotgun?

And I found two new comics this week:

Monkey Fluids
White Ninja Comics

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