Friday, February 22, 2008

February In Racing: There Is Most Definitely A God

1. So WAY back in August 2007 I did a bit on the Bentley Audi Killer. At the end I wrote:

ACO press conference at Le Mans 2006: They announced a major rules overhaul in 2010, the main point being that all LMP1s must be closed top from then on. Lola and KWM Creation immediately revealed that they have been working on coupe versions of their existing cars already. Audi has been silent on the issue.

Audi is still silent on the issue. But Lola sure as hell isn't, especially if you live in or around Warwick, England.


And guess who is providing the engine:

Holy Shit.

And here are the pictures:

Link to the motivemagazine article.


2. On February 19th, the ACO released their list for the 2008 Le Mans and this is how I feel:

GT2: What happened? We have 2 Spykers and a back-up one, 3 Porsches with two back-ups, and 8 Ferraris. Man, come on.

GT1: They heard my plea from last month. Well, they almost did. Oreca dropped Saleen, but those beautiful and loud cars had to go somewhere, right? They went to France: Larbre is running 1 Saleen and a back-up. And Lambo? That's right, they got one in the race and a back-up! The rest is just four DBR9s and four C6.Rs.

LMP2: Penske didn't take the ACO up on the invite, but the Danes did. The Dutch too! That makes 2 Porsche RS Spyders in the race. Zytek has 3. MG has 1. Judd has 3. AER has 2, and Mazda has 1.

LMP1: If you're counting along, you realize that this leaves 20 cars for the LMP1 category with three back-ups. And here is where the ACO shined this year: 9 Judds in 6 body styles, 3 Audis on 2 teams, 3 Peugeots on 2 teams, 1 YGK, 1 AER, 1 AIM, 1 Mugen, and 1 Aston Martin (above). This is going to rock. Oreca is helping out the YGK team.

Link to the PDF list here.


3. Dakar died this year. But guess what! Next year it's going to be a series! Chile, Argentina, and the Paris-Dakar are all being considered for races. This is incredibly good news for Raid lovers everywhere. And guess what else (I'm starting to talk like Heidegger)! This year they will hit Hungary!

Link to this years announcement.
Link to Dakar Website News on next years Series.

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