Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Am Ready To Talk About It Now

The new The Mars Volta album, The Bedlam in Goliath, has been out legally for about a week now - about a month including other methods. I am currently on listen 20 of the entire album. Let's get one thing straight right off the bat:

1. This ain't and it is your daddy's The Mars Volta

a) It is most definitely not your daddy's TMV because this album is fucking on. It starts out fast and it ends fast and it's fast in between. This album is more flat-out-rock than any other TMV album to date - including live stuff. Omar says it "was our most aggressive."

b) That means there are less of what your paps would call "weird parts." I know friends who hate TMV and are considering buying this album. I, on the other hand, am an obsessive nerd and I find it amazing.

2. This is a musically better TMV

Call it four albums in Amsterdam, call it El B├║falo de la Noche, call it a curse, call it the new drummer, but this TMV surprised me. There are points where I expected a certain guitar rift, a certain vocal inflection, a certain drum beat, and didn't get it. Absolutely necessary in my book.

3. It is a scary album

I originally thought this album would tear me in half for one of two reasons: either it would be so amazing or just more of the same. After reading the backstory, I was scared that it might actually tear me in half. I anticipated the album being scary as hell. I was wrong. It is scary as fuck. The slow revelation of Goliath and his wishes gets to me every time. I shiver when he demands, "Bring me that corpse please." What Cedric wrote for the lyrics is chillingly powerful. The structure of the lyrics and the songs reveal a poetic pacing that makes this album a little easier to understand than De-Loused, but still just as engaging.

I tired of saying that this album would be TMV's make or break in my eyes. Now I can declare: it is most definitely make. To me, this album is the continuation of their musical experimentation crystallized in De-Loused, and that is all I asked for. Buy it if you like writing, thinking, music, or innovation.

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