Sunday, February 10, 2008

Last Month In Racing: There Is A God

My biggest complaint with the ALMS last year, was that their regulations did not fully conform with the ACO's. Now I like anarchy as much as the next, but come on, not letting the Porsche RS Spyder race at Le Mans? Well now they're back in line and the Spyder has an invite to the big one. But they turned it down because they are turds.

But some of my wishes from last year's ALMS/LMES season have come true:

1. Peugeot may appear on American tarmac! Y'all probably know of my obsession with this closed-top Audi-killer, but dear God, will it last Sebring's roughness? I know who I'm rooting for, and for once it's the fastest. Please sign on. Please?

2. BMW is back! But not until 2009. But they're coming with Diesel. And it is the new M3, which looks sexy as a racecar. Letterman-Rahal are to thank for this.

3. The Viper returns to American racing. Were they gone? Oh yeah, they were in France. Well, anyways, we now have four GT2 marquees racing for twelve different teams, which makes me giddy.

4. Aston is now in a Vantage on the track. Dude, sweet. It will be bio-ethanol powered. I didn't even know one of my wishes was a Vantage. I'll take it and praise the way it looks. Hopefully it's faster than the N24 Captain Slow drove.

5. The Acura looks like sex. If you can get past that paint job. Or this one. That front end is hot.

6. "According to the Selection Committee all the requests are of an extremely high quality, and 4 different makes want to race closed prototypes in the 2008 Le Mans 24 Hours." Hell yes.

7. 88 entries for Le Mans. By January 23rd, 88 teams had entered applications for the 2008 Le Mans. 55 will be chosen.

However, a few of my complaints are still present.

1. Ignoring the Pacific Northwest. Come on, Utah and California are not the Pacific Northwest. Can I get a race closer than 14 hours away? Please? We've got a few tracks you can use. Please?

2. GT1 is shallow. VERY shallow.

2.a: Saleen!!! Come back!!!

2.b: Lamborghini!!! Come back!!!

2.c: Anybody? Please?

3. Peugeot is likely only onboard for Sebring. Sigh. Damn-it Audi. I guess you'll have another season.

And then there is the bad news.

1. Early on, Penske turned down their automatic invitation to Le Mans 2008 because they suck. Hopefully they recanted that before January 23rd.

1. Oreca-Saleen is dead. It is now Oreca-Courage and they are going to enter an LMP1. Dear God why? Do they think they can win? They took 5th last year - in a Saleen. Only one privateer LMP1 team finished in the top five. Yeah, that's hopeful.

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