Monday, February 11, 2008

Sex And Heidegger

I was interested in the discussion on pages 103-104: present-to-hand is a fundamental element of ready-to-hand. The way I see it, this elemental mode of present-to-hand is also applicable to Dasein – or, more surely, human-Things. Namely, the elemental present-to-handness of Dasein is brought to the fore when Dasein embraces the possibility of having no more possibilities. This is evidenced in language when we call a dead human-Thing a corpse, not a boyfriend, mother, sister, soldier, et cetera. This leads into the question I raised a couple weeks ago about Dasein’s ready-to-handness. Elementally, human-Things are capable of being ready-to-hand – I can use a human-Thing for sexual pleasure, or to make a point – but I am still confused as to how this applies to the psyche. I think your psyche is ready-to-hand to me because I can ask it a question and you will answer. I can make my psyche better by conversation with yours. So, with this interpretation, the psyche comes to the fore – the Daseinness. For example, I cannot have sex with a random guy in a bar because I first have to convince him he wants to. I know it is possible to force the Dasein to not take the fore, but that usually constitutes a crime.

Sometimes I get tired of Heidegger. So when I am bored, I look at the above picture and laugh. Then I read some more.

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