Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today Is:

1. International Pipe Smoking Day
2. Anniversary of the Met's Opening
3. Anniversary of the Taking of Eniwetok Atoll
4. Anniversary of Prussia's Death
5. Anniversary of John Glenn's First Orbit of the Earth
6. Anniversary of the Reqa Al-Gharbiya Tragedy
7. Ansel Adams' Birthday
8. Kurt Cobain's Birthday
9. Robert Altman's Birthday
10. Ludwig Boltzmann's Birthday
11. Enzo Ferrari's Birthday
12. Pierre Boulle's Birthday
13. Ibrahim Ferrer's Birthday
14. Gordon Brown's Birthday
15. Joel Hodgson's Birthday
16. The Anniversary of K'inich Kan B'alam II's Death
17. Anniversary of Al-Musta'sim-Billah Abu-Ahmad Abdullah bin al-Mustansir-Billah's Death
18. Anniversary of Tecún Umán's Death
19. Anniversary of Frederick Douglass' Death
20. Anniversary of Ferruccio Lamborghini's Death
21. Anniversary of Hunter S. Thompson's Death
22. Number twenty-one leads to me: On the day he died we held a reading at a UW bookstore. I saw Rebecca read. I read. It changed my life forever. Link and link. So number twenty-two is Anonymous the Younger embraces poetry irreconcilably.

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