Monday, February 04, 2008

Why I Hate & Love A Daily Dose Of Architecture

A Daily Dose of Architecture is a very popular architecture blog - often placing first on people's lists of favorite architecture blogs. But I have some problems with it and will use two recent articles to show why I hate it and why I love it.

1. Hate. Hi, I'm Lise. Buy this phone.

From Vitruvius, to Heidegger, to Libeskind, architects have never been considered "working stiffs" as opposed to "high-class." To me, the fundamental assumption that one person is universally more attractive than another is not valid. I am opinionated, but these opinions don't fly with me. And then to say Zaha Hadid is ugly... Man. I think she is sexy. I really do. Furthermore, saying that architects are not valid advertisers for cell phones when architects spend so much time traveling and on their phone as well as so much time designing, come on John. Think it through a little. "I was quite shocked to see an architect hawking expensive mobile electronics." Wow. Architects hawk buildings. Last I checked buildings are generally more expensive than cell phones, but I could be wrong. Architects are becoming starchitects like models become supermodels. That's all.

2. Love. Half Dose #44: Saint- Nazaire Alvéole 14

I love it when he points out projects and architects that I don't hear about in school. This one, in particular is a good article.

But the good outweighs the bad by far and it's usually quite personal when I don't like an article he writes.

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