Friday, March 21, 2008

Best Comic(s) Of The Week 12

As usual, my favorite is at the top. A really busy week this week.

Dinosaur Comics has been on a roll recently. I like their last six in a row. My favorite from this week is the Beach Boys one.

White Ninja: Health Care

Basic Instructions: How to Share your Enthusiasm

Hijinks Ensue: Intelligent Political Discourse

The Warehouse: Raver Saves Hundreds

And for some more new ones:

Cectic: UFO

The Librarianist: LL

Best of the dailies:

Cyanide and Happiness: St Paddy's Day

SMBC: Chess Tips and Batman says: I'm stupid?

Book of Biff: Disc

And in the Dailies category, Matt introduced me to Lio. My favorite from this week is Lost.

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