Friday, March 28, 2008

Best Comic(s) Of The Week 13

I had a birthday at some point this week. With all the homework it's a bit fuzzy though. Oh well, this is what I did this week: bought a binder and painted it:

So what if I mispelled theory twice. I get the idea.

I discovered this three weeks ago and have been quoting it ever since. FInally getting around to sharing The House of Cosbys:
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

To the comics themselves! Warehouse made my week. Thank you Warehouse for three great comics in a row.

The Warehouse:
I'll See if I can Pencil You In
Sieg Hello!

Extra Life: A Life Electric which mixes Star Wars and this legendary video.

Hijinks Ensue: He's a Maniac on the Floor. This one gets included because of the uproariously funny blog post below the comic.

Ctrl+Alt+Del: It Could Still Make a Cake

XKCD: #400: Important Life Lesson

FoxTrot: Easter

Cectic: Dualism Core

Calamities of Nature: Stupid Stickers 1 and Stupid Stickers 2

And now for the dailies. There is neither a Cyanide and Happiness or a Dinosaur Comics this week because neither made me laugh.

Calvin and Hobbes: Baseball

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Drinking Problem

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