Sunday, March 09, 2008

Graphic Design Week Post 5 / Best Comic(s) Of The Week 10

So here we are at the end of Graphic Design Week. While this week has been going on, some pretty amazing experiences happened to me. From holding the SCL proposal to meeting Stefan Sagmeister, this was definitely a week of Graphic Design all around. So here at the end of the week, here's a couple of typography blags that will be added to the list on the right:
I Love Typography
Open Type: Ralf Hermann's Typography Weblog
Typblography, the Phinney-us Blogg

And here are two other links that I like:
Thing I Have Learned In My Life So Far

Now on to my weekly Graphic Design Post:



I didn't think that many comics were funny this week. It was pretty easy to pick out my favorites this week - the ones that were funny were funny. Anyways, my favorite two is at the top.

XKCD: Ultimate Game (About This)
RPG will be around for a long time. Thanks for the Genre, Gary.

Real Life: I No Longer Understand the Internets
Okay, so this one is from July 2007, but I just finished reading every single RLC on the web and this is one of my favorites - and it's been used by me and my friends so much already.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: #1110

Dinosaur Comics: Programming

Calvin and Hobbes: Jump, Jump, Jump, I win!

Ctrl+Alt+Del: Uncomfortable

Dueling Analogs: So Long, Gary

The Warehouse: Bless You

White Ninja Comics: Compass

ActionTrip: PC Piracy

Monkey Fluids: Splishy Splashy

Matt from Motoblog introduced me to this strip this week:
Truck Bearing Kibble: The Treachery of Base Building

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