Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I Declare This Week Graphic Design Week

Based on my dream coming true last night, as well as a wonderful lecture last night, and other considerations I will not go into now.


Stefan Sagmeister came and lectured last night. Above is part of his project, Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far. It has a book and a website. On the website you can contribute, but he does too. Basically the project is designing a sentence. So write yourself a sentence, then design it, then submit it to the website. I will have mine up by the end of spring break (next week).

So what did I take from his lecture last night?
1. People are nervous about their own skills no matter what. I think that's just a nature of risk taking though. But once you get them talking, they open right up and their self-confidence shows through.
2. There is a right way to let bananas decompose so they retain their banana smell (top picture).
3. Sagmeister really did carve that text into his skin (above).
4. Graphic Design can be really fucking interesting.
5. Stefan Sagmeister is taller than I am.
6. Paraphrased Quote: Just because there are all these programs out there that let anyone do Graphic Design (like adobe programs, paint.net, and social networking systems) doesn't mean that there will be a lot of good graphic design out there. It takes an eye for Graphic Design to make good Graphic Designs no matter what the tools.
7. "What happens if I spend ten years of my life learning a new language and then find out that I have nothing to say in that language?"

The book is constructed uniquely. It is composed of 15 or so pamphlets set into a cardboard box with some cut-outs. Really quite an interesting experience, that book. It came out of this story: he decided he wanted to be a filmmaker and made a ten year plan for himself and had it all figured out until he thought number 7 on the list above. Then he wrote this list of statements, and these were designed and became the book. One of these is the above picture. Each shot from this one was started that day, composed of what they had with them, shot, and then displayed.

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