Monday, March 03, 2008

Tonight, One Of My Life Dreams Came True

Some people seem to like how my presentation boards are arraigned - or at least a lot of people ask me how they should arrange their presentation boards. Well I have no clue what all they have put into their projects so I usually show them my three favorite presentations. In October, 2007, I posted them on this site. Here is the article:

This Board-Based design by Morphosis of their proposal for the Los Angeles Arts Park works really well because it emphasizes the mood and feel of the project while still incorporating all the elements of traditional architectural presentations like a model, floorplans, sections, and a perspective or two.

Photograph from John.


Weiss/Manfredi's concept diagram proposal for the Olympic Sculpture Park is so simple I understand an immense amount about the site without ever being there. Its simple and pervasive and scaled application creates an intimate feeling and human scale in what is actually a huge park. This method for creating a human space out of two blocks of downtown Seattle is genius. This diagram says all that. Perfect.


Here is the third one. It's a book.

The simple concept of creating a book for the proposal of a library and the inclusion of copious amounts of process and diagrams definitely show the focus of OMA. If you've visited the building you will realize that this is not the final design for the building. Apparently when they awarded the contract to OMA they said, "We don't quite know what it will look like but we want it to do what you say it will do in that book." Building as information, as Dillon puts it.


Well tonight, I held the third one in my hands. I was giddy. I looked through it three times. I am still giddy. It was so much better than the online version. There is so much information in there so simply.

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