Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Arcade Fire: Neon Bible

Album Review: I agreed with TIME Canada in 2005 when they put Arcade Fire on the cover with the words, "CANADA'S MOST INTRIGUING ROCK BAND." At that time they had released Arcade Fire EP, Live EP, and Funereal. If you haven't heard Funereal yet, go do that now. I love that album. It is quirky and pristine. Their follow-up full-length, Neon Bible came out March 2007 and stole my heart quickly. Besides the fact that I like the band and love self-produced music, this album has an interesting story: In 2006 the band bought Petite Église, an old masonic temple turned church turned restaurant, and turned it into a recording studio. They then recorded various songs there, as well as along the Hudson in NY, and in Budapest with the military choir. The album features a hurdy-gurdy, mandolin, accordion, and pipe-organ, as well as the instruments they used on their first album. Then they commissioned a six foot neon sign for the cover art. One of the songs is based off a French fable.

Despite this, I love this album for it's music. Though it's production was interesting enough to warrant a Wikipedia article, the music is what sets it apart for me. There is no song I skip here. This album is so flawless that I have spent a year searching desperately for something bad about it, and after a year, I have found it: the songs are too short. Sometimes the band gets in a sweet groove, then jumps to the next song. That ain't cool. I want more of the good music. A lot more. And one other bad thing about this album is that it is so good, everybody loves them, and their tour was long (122 shows) and just got over two months ago, so I have to wait a while for more new music. That's bad too. Anyways, I love this album. Go listen to "No Cars Go," then get the album, it lives up to its hype and, in my eyes, transcends it.

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