Friday, April 11, 2008

Best Comic(s) Of The Week 15

I've decided to include a new element in the BCotW Friday Feature: thing that made me laugh this week. I guess it started with that picture of the MacBook Air table at MacWorld 2008 in BCotW 3, and returned with the House of Cosby's in BCotW 13. But I hope this will become a regular feature. And since it's new, we'll start it off with:

Funny Thing of the Week: Blood Ninja Chronicles (NSFW)
My favorite is his chats with BritneySpears14. Hilarious. Thanks Matt for the link.

Daily Comics: Man, this week just proved, again, that Calvin and Hobbes may well be the best comic strip ever created. This one was my favorite, but click "next day" to go through this entire week.

SMBC had two good comics about sex this week: Superman, and Birds & Bees.

Real Life: Writer's Block

Dinosaur Comics: Revelation about God

XKCD: Overqualified

Now to the non-dailies:

Ctrl+Alt+Del: Luck Change
Continues the "choose your own comic" plotline.

2pStart/Snafu Comics: I'm a Mac!

The Warehouse: Urbanknowledgy and Did you just call me?

Extra Life: Just walk away

Action Trip: Devoted Activists
This one is about Uwe Boll. So there's a petition online to stop him from making movies. An interviewer asked him about this and he said it would take a million signatures to make his quit. Then he replied to the petition with this video. But not satisfied, he made this video too. The Pro-Boll petition has been formed here, and another here.

Basic Instructions: How to Customize Your Cell Phone
Square 2 is absolutely pristine.

TBK: The Special

Lio: Gumby

After this last one I want to make a quick exit so let me just say that it made me laugh - especially the dude on the right. I actually like some Heston movies, but this one was funny, so here it is, and now I'm out.
Hijinks Ensue: I Guess You Can Have His Guns Now

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