Friday, April 18, 2008

Best Comic(s) Of The Week 16

Funny Thing of the Week: I found two this week that I couldn't decide between, and both will appeal to different people, so I'll give you them both:

The Shakespeare Insult Kit: insult in the fairest prose.

nerdybirdy85's architectural nightmare: if you are an architecture student you will understand all to well and this video may make you weep, but after a few days, I was able to laugh again.

Best Daily Comics:

SMBC: Ted! I'm you from the future! and Classic Practical Joke #49

Real Life: You're at Checkout Number 35

The Book of Biff has three great ones this week:

Now, onto the non-dailies:

XKCD: Math Paper "That's nothing. I once lost my genetics, rocketry, and stripping licenses in a single incident."

Ctrl+Alt+Del: Ethan Faints-ish

Dueling Analogs: Pixel Drama

The Warehouse: Thompkins is a Dinkwad and I'd Like a Slice of that Pie

Hijinks Ensue: Macaveli featuring the Zune guy.

Of Noobs and Men: Prologue Proliferation. Square two my friends, square two.

TBK: Molt Club which reminded me of the Peep Show.

In sad news, Monkey Fluids has called it quits, but he gave us one last damn good comic: The Only Thing Left

And I'll end on that and get back to work.

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