Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bloc Party: Silent Alarm

Album Review: So going back in time again, this time to 2005's introduction of Bloc Party. This London based band again demonstrates that good music is now just coming from America right now. Let's get this out of the way: yes their sound is similar to Interpol and Joy Division. However, this is not more Interpol or Joy Division. Their music ranges from outright dance tunes to simple, superbly crafted, subtle pieces of music that just get in your head and have a way of not getting out. Ever since viewing this video of Canadian Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy) covering "This Modern Love" with himself, a looper, and a violin, I haven't got the song out of my head. It's been a year. A good year. But this album doesn't end there. Actually, "This Modern Love" is somewhere in the middle. The album opens with the heady "Like Eating Glass," and is thoroughly solid all the way through. This album is a must. The vocals are honest and rough and touching - everything I like in a singer. To me, Kele Okereke does not have a great voice, but he is one of my favorite singers. It's not some "failure's always sound better" complex, though I certainly exhibit one at times, it's just that I get his voice. He does so much with it and it is touching and honest. There's no reason to hide that. The songs build and build to this touching finish and each one, as well as the album as a whole, just gets me every time. Even now, three years later. This album is an absolute must.

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