Sunday, April 06, 2008

Genghis Tron: Board Up The House

Album Review: NY/Penn band Genghis Tron continues to prove that music is better than ever when it experiments with mixing genres. Approaching their specific sound from a metal standpoint, GT's new album is great. Alternately beautiful and tragic, the lyrics are good, if a bit cliche, but I am really digging the music. It is at once familiar and unusual. Where I expect some screaming, a downbeat section comes. Where I expect a choir, some DJ scratching happens. Where I expect glory, I get scary. The album keeps me on my toes and that is all I can ask out of music. Though the entire album is diverse, there are moments of continuity and traditional metal that keep it a tight mix. The wikipedia authors have a hard time nailing their sounds to a specific genre, saying they are metal, grindcore, cybergrind, IDM, power noise, doom, industrial, ambient, and synth-laden. It is this diversity that keeps me coming back to this album, which was released February 19th, this year. It's hard for me to pick out my favorite song, but I'll say "I Wont Come Back Alive" is probably it right now. This album is my introduction to the band (Thanks JR!) and I am in the process of getting the rest of their music for my perusal. I think that's all I can say about this album: it keeps me coming back, and it makes me want more.

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