Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Parallax: distance(moon)=distance(observer)/tan(angle)

Album Review: These two dudes are quickly becoming some Moscow-Pullman local favorites. Their sound is a bit folksy, but to me it is their lyrics and vocals that keep me coming back. There is a lot of emotion, a lot of honesty in their work, and to me, that is important in a band with a quiet sound. They do some amazing covers or Ben Goddard and Sufjan Stevens songs at their live show, but the album is their work. Their music wavers between bold, poppy songs, and touching almost-ballads. This album, and their live shows, are gaining them a lot of support and their fanbase is growing rapidly in Moscow-Pullman. They even played at the Prichard Art Gallery's Annual Auction this year. And Roger loved them. So if you're in the mood for some good indie-folk-pop, pick up this album. Check out their music here, then email them and get their album from 'em. It's really good stuff.

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