Monday, April 07, 2008

Stars: Do You Trust Your Friends?

Album Review: I think the Canadian band Stars gets a lot of good press because they are good. I listen to their full-lengths and EPs over and over again. However, Emily gave me their remix album, Do You Trust Your Friends? a few months ago. This features songs off the Stars album Set Yourself on Fire remixed by Final Fantasy, Minotaur Shock, The Dears, and Russian Futurists, among others. It is different: though each song retains a semblance of the Stars sound, the introduction of the other bands' interpretations produces a much different sound than their regular. A couple nights ago my friend Kim said she gave it a cursory listen, but that was all because she didn't really like it all that much. Nay, I say, nay. Though it took me a little while to get into (I kept coming back to a few songs) I have listened to this album over 20 times and am loving it. I would say this era in music is that of the Icelandic, Australian, UK, and Canadian alternative experimentation. I take as my evidence Stars, Clann Zu, Architecture in Helsinki, Sigur Ros, Broken Social Scene, Mogwai, and others, but definitely this album. Remixed by 12 Canadian musicains/bands, and one dude from Bristol, this album is a tour de force of the Canadian alternative scene. If you want more good Canadian music, check out this album. Then check out the bands in the remixes. I think my favorite is "The First Five Times," though eight or nine of the other songs are just as good.

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