Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tegan & Sara: The Con

Album Review: Three long years after their legendary album So Jealous, (yes, that's where Walking With a Ghost" comes from) the Canadian twins bring us their 2007 album, The Con. The con is poppy and slick without being too either. There is still all that quirkiness and personality - almost awkwardness at times - that makes Tegan and Sara one of the best bands of our age. The songs "The Con" and "Like O, Like H" really stand out, but to me, there is one song here that transcends the album: "Are You Ten Years Ago." Okay, that's all too restrictive of a statement. This album rocks; the entire thing; start to end it's indie-pop perfection. One could say that they brought non-American music to America - they may well be the most important instigators, with Sigur Ros and Mogwai, of this current non-American music scene. On this, the last day of ATY's Music Week, Tegan and Sara again remind me why I love music so much. I know people who think this album is "too mainstream" or some nonsense like that. My only gripe is that repeating lines and licks, which has worked brilliantly for them, is just a tiny bit overdone on this album. I can't state how small the amount of overdoing is, but there: there's a fault with the album. Now go listen to it.

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