Monday, May 05, 2008

Best Comic(s) Of The Week 18

Sorry it's so late. Finals week is this week. Last week was dead week. Well, the funny thing of the week will be... Um... well, not funny but actually a great recipe for bread, without kneading. And it works. Try it out.

And on to the Dailies!

The best one this week is BSG Spoilers by Real Life Comics. Any why would it win? Because I am 3/4 through season 2 and everybody else has seen it all, so I say "Shut up about BSG" a lot. Apparently there will be an interpretive dance-off for the fate of humanity. God I hope Adama wins.

SMBC: Breathing

Cyanide and Happiness: In Space

Biff: Expand


XKCD: Perils of Stove Ownership

The Warehouse: Those Ain't Answers

2p Start: So Close Yet...

Cudly Cyborg: Reading the Constitution

And that's it this week.

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