Sunday, September 14, 2008

Woven - Designer Codes Album Review: Was It Worth Five Years' Wait?

Way back at the beginning of my college career, a physics buddy gave me four gigs of music as a parting gift. The only band I hadn't heard on it was Woven. I hadn't even heard of them. This was, about 2003, right after their first LP came out. 8 Bit Monk quickly became, and still is, a favorite album of mine. A couple songs off of it were played on CSI Miami and most people seemed favorable to the album. Then they dropped off the face of the earth. Woven disappeared. I heard nothing of theirs for years. Until this one.

Designer Codes released last month to a world that had forgotten about Woven. They added a guitarist and their compositions were much more complex this time around. About half the songs are instrumental and the other half features the distinctive vocals of Ory Hodis. Self-Described as a five person experimental electronica band, this LA band still rocks. I can tell you the music is awesome, the album is amazing, that it's an experience, et cetera, et cetera. But one burning question comes forth: was the five year wait worth it?

YES. The three songs "Where We Going," "Do You Feel the Same," and "Cosmonaut" definitely prove that the wait was worth it and they used those years to make themselves one of the best electronica bands out there. I would say go out and buy the album right away, but actually, good luck finding it. It took me three weeks after it released to find a copy of it. However, the digital copy is being released on September 26th and I would try and find a copy then. Good luck finding it, but it is worth the search and worth the wait.