Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cypress Trees Awards: Best Movie I Saw In 2008

Like the racing category, this is a tie.

The new edition of Blade Runner reviewed here. Since that review I have gone back and watched a couple of the other versions. I would still say the movie is 99% perfect, but rather than dropping that 1% due to Harrison Ford, I am starting to enjoy his performance quite a bit more, I would drop it due to the voiceover in the last 3 minutes. If you've seen it you know what's up. Take that voiceover out and the movie is PERFECT.


The Lives of Others

Somehow I totally missed this one when it came out - totally. I don't want to talk about its style, about its sparseness and how that seamlessly creates emotional content unlike many films I've seen, about the absolute genius of this film. Just, watch it, if you haven't.


These two are hands down the best films I saw in 2008, and two of the best I have ever seen.


borukelly said...

Yes, this was a great movie. Just saw it last night. I thought the ending was a little long, but I could still appreciate what was happening. Weisel (Wiesel?) was so blank the whole time. What a nigh-on-perfect portrayal of a man changing in front of our eyes.

Anonymous the Younger said...

Glad you finally saw it and liked it! We shall discuss during the WEEK O' SMOKE.