Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cypress Trees Awards: Best Movies Viewed In 2008: The Recap And Runner-Ups

1 (tie): The Lives of Others
1 (tie): Blade Runner: The Final Cut/The 25th Anniversary Edition
3: NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind
4 (tie): Helvetica
4 (tie): Southland Tales
4 (tie): Wall-E
7: Howl's Moving Castle
8: Spirited Away
9 (tie): Akira
9 (tie): Persepolis


Runner Ups or 11-15 (In no particular order):

Paris Je t'Aime
Fantastic collection of short films about why directors love Paris. I have no real reason why it's not on the list above except to say that it didn't excite me like those above.

It's a graphic response to the first ever electronic album. Fantastic and available here.

Laboratory Conditions
Made by Coudal Partners and available here. On the way to making a movie inspired by a single photograph, the Graphic Design firm Coudal Partners meet the Black Hole and end up making five short movies about it.

Fascinating concept. I love me my post-apocalyptic movies (If you can't tell from my 2008 top ten) and this is a good one. My girlfriend would replace Blade Runner with this one on my Top Ten 2008 list.

Uma Thurman just shines here. Jude Law and Ethan Hawke pull off some great roles too. The movie didn't make the list because it seems too contrived. Where Akira is confusing to the point of being engaging, this seems like it's a pretty simple plot but they try to make it confusing to make it seem like an intelligent, indie film. But it just comes off as both a mediocre indie flick and a mediocre Hollywood drama.


Warning: This list is subject to review. The top two are solid though. Changes will be announced.


1, 2


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