Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Semester Begins

And my first assignment was late. Just a simple poll, and I misread the due date and time. I thought it was due Friday. It was due today. Whoops. The false spring we had seems to be cooling off. Hopefully we'll get more snow soon.

In the first class a professor stressed how he was known for respecting students. I was unsure: anytime anybody tries to tell me how virtuous they are, I think they're more trying to convince themselves. Sure enough, 20 minutes into class, "So if you turn in assignments late or miss class, me and my TA will kick your ass." And he just kept going. Didn't act like it was a joke or anything. This is a 4th year class. Give me a break.

Oh, and important news: I'm writing again. Not just on the blog. This is an extension of my writing, and I update it frequently when I am writing. Well I am, and that's probably why this site is being updated.

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