Monday, February 02, 2009

First Edit To Best Movies Viewed

I can't believe I forgot that I watched The Fall in 2008. It kicks Persepolis off the list and onto the runner up list.

Tarsem Singh's The Fall is about stories, and there are quite a few interwoven. A poor family during the depression, a stunt man who didn't get the girl, a broken back, attempting to an hero, and taking down an ultimate hero. The Fall is visually gorgeous. The first five minutes are some of the most beautiful cinema I have ever seen. The entire movie is heartfelt and well done.

When a man starts telling a girl a story about some outcasts taking down evil, reality starts to meld with fiction and the two become inseparable to both the audience and the child's imagination. The two realities intertwine reflecting changes in each other as the movie builds towards its climaxes. This movie is a dissertation on story and the power of story audience, and as boring as that sounds, it is awesome.

It is tied for #8.

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JR said...

So glad I'm not the only one who thought this movie was amazing!