Saturday, June 13, 2009

Le Mans 2009 Is 15 Minutes Away - Here's My Predictions & Hopes

God I've missed radio Le Mans. These guys are great. "Total coverage, totally free." And it's the best coverage. They've been doing this for years.

Listen to the race here: (Full coverage)

LMP1: So, after qualifying, the car I want to win has a shot - Pescarolo!!! I'm rooting for Pesky. Henri's team should win. Henri's team could win. I will be rooting for Henri's team. They qualified 4th in a 2008 spec Peugeot 908, splitting two factory-Peugeots. Peugeot or Audi will win - which includes Pescarolo this year. Yesterday I said an Audi will win if it's wet, a Peugeot if it's dry.

LMP2: Dear God, who to root for here? Bruichladdich and Barazi Epsilon rock, as does Ray Mallock and the Quifel Ginetta-Zytek! God that's a cool combination! (With four choices, hopefully one of my favorites finishes.) I'm actually a fan of all the teams here. Porsche will win.

GT1: The JLOC is the underdog, and right now Radio Le Mans is saying that at least they're starting. "They've been stealing parts off road cars all week to get it going!" Well, I'll be rooting for them and the Aston Martin. But Corvette is going to win.

Engines are revving up! Warm-up Lap underway! 8 minutes!

GT2: I'm going to be rooting for Aston Martin and Spyker and Endurance Asia, the first Chinese team in a long time (Maybe ever?) to show up. At the front I'll be rooting for Flying Lizard. Risi will do quite well, as usual. I have no winning predictions in GT2 because I'm not crazy.

The cars are on Mulsanne's and just coming back around. The crowd is wild! Let's go racing!

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