Monday, June 01, 2009

A Message From The Gods: "Have Hope! The Old Republic Draws Nearer And Looks... Epic."

It is no secret that Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords are the best computer games ever created. (And if you haven't played them don't argue until you do.) I spent time on about 12 complete playthroughs of KotOR I and about 7 of KotOR II. I am personally unfamiliar with the MMO genre because, well, I don't have internet at my house and I'm not going to play a game I have to spend money for every month purely at coffee shops. However, I will get internet and buy a subscription to at least try Bioware's new MMO which is a spiritual successor to KotOR I and II. I cannot even begin to communicate my excitement over this phenomenal trailer. I will patiently wait for the game and if there is a midnight release party near me, I will be there only long enough to pick up the game and get to playing it.

At 3:52 long, the trailer certainly gives a glimpse of the political environment the game will exist within, which has always been important to the KotOR franchise. However, this shows nothing of the gameplay. It is a cinematic trailer, therefore it reveals little - and possibly nothing - about the gameplay. However, look at games who had bad cinematic trailers - Age of Empires III comes to mind first - and see how those games turned out. What I'm saying is that this fantastic cinematic trailer shows that the art direction is right on. However, my biggest issue is the Twilek just over the Sith Lord's shoulder during his assault on the Jedi Temple (Yes, I know I am a nerd). Can I be the male version of that? My main gripe with most Star Wars games is that I have to become a Jedi to beat the game. I appreciate the philosophy of the Jedi, but at the same time it is a huge tribute to the franchise to say that it is strong enough to stand losing the Jedi in a game or two - or at least making them optional. I just want the Jedi path to be optional. To end this, I hope Bioware has learned from the mistakes of Star Wars: Galaxies.

In short, Star Wars and video games go together hand in hand. Sure there have been a lot of failures, but successes like the aforementioned KotOR series, the X-Wing & Tie Fighter series, the Jedi Knight series, the Lego Star Wars series, and the Star Wars Battlefront series show that the lore has good precedent in being translated to a variety of video games genres. I hope this game is good. I really really really really really do. Please dearest Bioware, don't fuck this up.

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