Monday, September 07, 2009

Everything! All-In-One Post!

Writing: I am glad to announce that I have joined a writer's group. Perhaps we need to become a collective...

Writings: Listen to this poem - don't read it while you listen or before you listen. (Thanks, Rebecca, for that tip)

Pairing up Mark Klett and Peter Vincent in one gallery show may be one of the most brilliant moves the Prichard Art Gallery has made during my time in Moscow.

School has started again, and to echo the enthusiasm in my soul, I would like to take this moment to say a heartfelt FUCK YOU to architecture. Oh well, back to work.

Music: Jay-Z's new album comes tomorrow, right? And let me tell you, this is the album we've been waiting for since The Black Album. As good as my friends, as good as. And I've taken to calling that album the Holy Grail of rap.

And now, let's talk about what I really want to talk about right now:

Racing: After what may have been the second most surprising race in the most Formula 1 series of the last ten years, Formula 1 has the weekend off, but that hasn't stopped the F1news machine from plopping this golden tidbit into my lap: Lotus may be coming back to Formula 1. Lotus. Excitement cannot be contained at the mere suggestion of this possibility. The Lotus 72 was the best Formula 1 car of all time and perhaps, after a couple of years struggling to catch up, Lotus can be what Lotus once was: the best F1 car maker around. Please Lotus. Please. I will beg.

Oh, and McLaren introduces their new, 1000 units per year car on Wednesday. I cannot properly communicate the sheer awesomeness of these two bits of news.

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