Thursday, September 17, 2009

Frankfurt 2009 Post 2 + Formula 1

Three big events to report today. First and foremost is the fact that LOTUS IS BACK IN F1. None of this maybe shit, Lotus is team 13 for next year! If any modicum of the excitement F1 is giving fans this year carries over into next year, and Lotus is on the grid, I might just be the happiest man in the world. Plus they're returning to sportscar racing too. It's been a good week for Lotus racing fans.

Also, Elio Zagato died. He designed the above car, among others, and was a legendary gentleman racer. The world is worse without him.


The other event is, of course, the continuation of the Frankfurt Motor Show:

More Insanity:

An Elise-based, gullwing sportscar? Yes!

A Hybrid, 200HP, Coupe sportscar from Peugeot? Oh man! This is crazy! I forgive you for the BB1! Actually, no I don't, but this is a start towards penance.

It's fitting that the name of this company, Mansory, is one letter away from "Man, sorry." They should be. Or their name should be "let's take a gorgeous, classic Aston Martin, and fuck it up."

The Russians scoff at the Frenchies' hybrid sportscar and build themselves a stunning hybrid supercar. Two, actually. Well, maybe. It has no details whatsoever, and construction quality is a little rough around the edges. But I want.



I think the new Saab 9-5 looks good. But then again, I'm an architect, so I don't really know. (All architects drive Saabs)

Two new Minis! Yay!

Not happy with releasing one of the most beautiful small-cars this year, the Fiat 500, Fiat went ahead and made it a twin-trick and released another gorgeous small-car.

But of course, both of the Fiat's pale in comparison to the Alfa Romeo Mito. This may be the best small car I've seen in a decade or more. I wants. I wants bad. This model here is the Quadrifoglio Verde, or green four leafed clover. This drops 170 horsepower into your pocket, more efficiently too, apparently. And you could almost fit this car in your pocket. Sure, the Mito GTA is the one I want, that 240 horsepower beauty, but I will probably be able to afford this. The biggest tragedy of these, if you ask me, is that Alfa Romeo isn't sure whether they'll bring the Mito to the US or not. Please Alfa, let me have a Mito GTA. Or the QV above.


Some Renault's To Hunt & Kill:

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