Monday, March 01, 2010

Another Open Letter: Bravo Wieden + Kennedy!

It seems to me that, based on reviews thus far, your marketing campaign may have been better than the game itself. I applaud your efforts to convince the masses that my favorite book is worth reading. I am sure EA has picked up the check, but from the bottom of my heart, I myself thank you personally. Your unparalleled efforts to frustrate, annoy, offend, and perplex pretentious journalists were some of the high points of news-reporting over the last few months.

I hope that some day a Paradise Lost or Canterbury Tales video game will emerge, and my hope solely rests upon the extended enjoyment of your efforts through 12 books or 24 Tales rather than nine circles. The variety is certainly what had me most tickled. Your surprising diversity in mediums and materials was an excessively exhilarating glimpse of a world not dominated by overly predictable paper- and web-based marketing. The craft, thought, and specific references to the original work was exceptional.

I hope, most of all, that these tough economic times will not get you down and that your genius will be recognized as the exciting and stimulating work that it is. I also hope that some day I will be as good at whatever I end up doing as you are at what you do. Please accept my thanks from the deepest parts of my soul.



The Marketing Campaign Overview - If you didn't see this happen, you missed some hilarious and excessively entertaining confusion and conjecture.