Sunday, May 16, 2010

There Should Be No Question About Who I Am Rooting For - But There Is

This years Stanley Cup Tournament has been the most epic ever. You are missing out if you are not watching.

So, my rule is this: If my Canucks get knocked out, which they did last round, root for the other Canadian teams. So I am rooting for the Canadiens:

However, the confusion comes from, well, the Blackhawks knocked the Canucks out and they could seriously take it all. They have been playing amazingly. They have really really turned it on. And they're such a humble team too. And it's been so long for them. So I'm rooting for the Canadiens and Blackhawks to be in the final. If one doesn't make it - cough Canadiens cough - I'll root for the other.

Such an epic tournament so far. Looking forward greatly to the last two rounds.


WOW. That was some hockey tournament. Thank you CBC for the awesome coverage as always. Screw you NBC for sucky coverage as always. Congrats to the Blackhawks on their first win in forever. Maybe next year it'll be my Canucks. That Stanley Cup Finals Game 6 was one of the greatest games of hockey I have seen. Thanks Hawks and Flyers for the entertainment. Congrats to Kane on that Stanley Cup winning goal in Overtime. Maybe now he can get a haircut other than a curly mullet.

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