Friday, June 11, 2010

Le Mans 2010

And so it comes - the greatest race every year. This year marks the last year of my favorite category, GT1. Admittedly, GT1 has been lacking in competition at Le Mans, but at the same time, that's partly the fault of the ACO with some great GT1 cars - Maserati and Nissan - notably absent from the grid, and very dominant around the world elsewhere. So thanks ACO, for killing off my favorite class. In honor of GT1, I'll start my rootings, hopes, and predictions there.

GT1: Goodnight, sweet sweet GT1 racing at Le Mans. I'll miss hearing your loudest and deepest roars rumbling past pit lane on the radio. I already miss you in ALMS.
Rooting: Ford. Honestly, I don't care which Ford GT Matech wins, I just want Ford to slap the ACO in the face by coming in, entering a car for the first time, and winning while the ACO says GT1 is dying.
Hope: You will always see me hoping for a Saleen win. Also, I hope JLOC lasts more than a single lap this year.
Predictions: The #52 Aston Martin DBR9 if it can keep from a major breakdown, which seems pretty impossible for that team. The #70 Ford GT Matech if - or once - the Aston Martin breaks down.

GT2: CHAOS - which, at this stage, is not so much of a prediction, as a pre-requisite every time GT2 cars get out on the track. So closely matched, so fast, always big shakeups.
Rooting: Corvette. First year at the big one in GT2, after being so dominant in GT1 for so long, I'm gonna root for their win, but I'll also keep my eye on Flying Lizard as usual. But this year, gulp, I'll also be rooting for the BMW Art Car. That thing has a nice paint jerb.
Hope: I always keep my hopes up for, in order, Spyker, that beautiful Aston Martin Vantage, and the slow and sexy Jaguar.
Predictions: You know what, even with the penalty and being pushed to the back of the grid, I still think the Risi #82 is going to take it. Honestly, that team is just too damn good.

LMP1: Will we actually have a race this year? The R15+ has been a consistent 2-3 seconds back on the Peugeot. But there may be rain coming and it's a long race - if the Audi get a lap or two more out of their car's fuel tank then it'll be a battle.
Rooting: Really, I'm just rooting for a battle. It'd be great to see Aston Martin come in and take the win from those continental diesel addicts, but if you know me, you know I'm probably rooting for the privateer team with the best chance to win, so Team Oreca Matmut it is this year. I'll miss Pescarollo on the grid this year though.
Hope: I hope for Rebellion Racing BECAUSE OF THEIR GOLD LEAF CARS. I cannot help myself. They are so garish they're right. And a Lola Aston Martin of course. And the Ginetta team because it's driven by three Mansells. Yay!
Prediction: I do think Bourdais, the home-town boy, is going to bring his Peugeot in first for his first home-race win. His #3 is on pole, and for once I am saying the pole car will win. No stupid pit-lane mistakes this year, please. Further, I predict two Audi drivers will not be driving for Audi next year after losing Le Mans two years in a row.

LMP2: Well, looky looky who showed up - Acura brought their fast but unreliable car to the big race. Where are the Porsche's though?
Rooting: RML is going to be my rooting for team. And Oak's Pescarolo car.
Hope: Pegasus Racing's Norma Judd - since when did Norma hit the scene? New body maker at Le Mans gets my hopes. Also the Radical SR9 because it's pretty.
Prediction: Acura. There's two of them so breakdowns shouldn't be as much of an issue, plus they are 5 seconds faster. 5 seconds. I'm gonna pick Highcroft Racing because of Marco Werner. If they break down though, RML can win it all.

So, that's my predictions, my choices for who I am rooting for, and my wildest hopes. Looking forward to a hell of a race tomorrow. I hope everybody is safe and there is good entertainment for the fans. But honestly, after being a fan for this long, I sort of like the way the rain plays with things.

This Le Mans Intercontinental Cup thing excites me a lot too. I'm looking forward to some good racing.


After the Race: After 397 laps another great Le Mans goes into the provisional books.

GT1: So in GT1 the DBR9 broke down and Saleen legitimately won that race! Saleen, then Luc Alphand's borrowed Corvette, then the DBR9 were the only cars to finish. The Saleen only got beat by 2 GT2 cars too! SALEEN WINS!!!

GT2: In GT2 nothing changed in the last two hours for the frontrunners. First went to the consistent Team Felbermayr Porsche (77), second to Hankook Ferrari (89), third to the #97 Porsche (BMS Scuderia Italia SPA). #95 made it back up into 4th with their AF Corse SRL Ferrari. The IMSA Porsche, #76, ended up in 5th with a lap over the non-art-car BMW #78. The Prospeed Porsche #75 managed to stop spinning long enough to complete the race in seventh while the other Felbermayr car came in eight (88). And bloody last overall and in GT2, but still classified, sits the Spyker #85. Eight GT2 cars broke down, including the Jaguar after only four laps, but the Spyker lasted and was competitive to! It's race-best time was only really a couple seconds off the leaders and, well, look at LMP2 to see that slower cars will win. Spyker completed 280 of a needed 277. Good work boys.

LMP1: In LMP1 the Audi podium is deserved because Peugeot proved again how amateur they are. The #4, with two hours left, was about two minutes down on the #7 Audi for third. The #4 closed the gap to a minute, then a safety car split them up to two minutes. Then the #4 closed it down to 8 seconds – spitting distance for a car that much faster – then, guess what, the engine blew between Indianapolis and Arnage with an hour 15 to go. If they could've kept that pace they would've had a podium at least. But no, Peugeot, despite making this car for four years, cannot make one that lasts 24 hours apparently. The 007 in fifth, sixth over all, was the last LMP1 not dead or in the pits. Talk about a year of breakdowns: twelve LMP1s were officially retired, leaving six not-retired. Well, the #4 ended the race broken down on the track and the #11 ended the race in the pits with not enough laps to be classified. So realistically, four LMP1 cars finished the race out of 18. Why are they getting rid of GT1 again? Screw you ACO.

LMP2: In LMP2 things were a bit nicer to the cars this year, which is backward to the usual cluster-cuss LMP2 is and paragon of engineering LMP1 is. The Strakka Racing Acura with an HPD engine (#42) took a well-deserved win. Oak's Pescarolo-Judd, after running third and fourth for so long, was able to capitalize on Highcroft's misfortune and take second (#35). The Lola car with an HPD engine, run by RML, ran into their own problems but still took third. Fourth was the other Oak Car, 24, and fifth was Bruichladdich's Ginetta Zytek, which was on the same lap (#41). Those were the competitive ones. Further down the field were the ones that finished, were classified, but had major problems. The #28 Race Performance Radical SR9 placed better than I had hoped in 6th. The Quiffel-ASM team brought their Ginetta Zytek in 7th (#40). The #37 Gerhard Welter WR-Zytek surprised everybody by finishing. After running in second for so long, the #26 Highcroft Acura HPD ended up in 9th. And tenth was the KSM Lola Judd (#39). You can bet HPD engines will be in a lot more cars next year! Three front-runners and only one breakdown – that's better than a French factory effort in LMP1.

27 cars were classified, with the Drayson not quitting that makes 28 cars. A couple of those were dead in the water but had completed enough laps. The important part here is that nobody finished the race this year. Half of the cars were retired and a bunch more were dead but still classified. Out of 55 cars, it seems like nobody finished.

So yeah, my predictions were shot right from the start. After being 4 for 4 on the last race, I was 1 for 4 on this one.

The Fords were obviously quicker in GT1, but they all broke down - the best one lasting 171 laps - and the Saleen, a ten year old car that they stopped making in 2007, took the deserved win. The DBR9 did undergo a series of breakdowns though. I did not get a single thing right here, but my wildest hope car won!

In GT2 Risi did what I said they would, then cocked it up, while Corvette dominated than died. Flying Lizard, BMW, Aston Martin, and Jaguar all died too. Thank God for Spyker. I got not a single thing right here.

In LMP1 Peugeot had a race to lose and boy they did, hard. The Mansells crashed in the first 20 minutes, Rebellion didn't last, a single Aston Martin survived, and after an Audi 1, 2, and 3 I doubt that two drivers will jump ship. I got nothing right here.

In LMP2 one of the Acura's did not break down and the RML did. But those Pescarolo cars on that Oak team did well! Acura did win, RML did get a podium, and my rooting team Oak did well. I got this one.


Race Recap:

Le Mans 2010
5:54 The Cars enter Mulsanne the first time.
What's with the 2001 A Space Odyssey soundtrack?

The first five minutes:
Starting on time.
#3 seemed to send up a smoke offering at the start of the start/finish straight. Lock-up or something more serious?
McNish is trying to pass Oreca already. But unable to do it yet. Audi attacking Peugeot psychologically already?
0h17 Traffic for the first time! #2 closes on #3, trying to pass.
0h17 Nigell Mansell is off around Indianapolis. Puncture – well, left rear tyre gone. Just where the Merc flipped.
0h18 Safety car is out thanks to the world champion. Again they miss the lead cars. 3 safety cars this year eh?
0h21 #70 takes a pit stop – from the lead. Takes off tape over the radiators. The track marshals wont let it back out on the track.
0h26 the #82 has already taken six places back. Damn Risi!
0h27 Jaguar is already in the pits and 2 laps down – ECU problem.
0h42 #4 into the pits. Down to tenth place from fourth.
0h48 Safety Car is in. ½ hour. Non-leaders see the start-line first. 31 minutes actually. Mansell's out for good.
0h49 Racing box spin at Arnage.
0h54 #83 is still in 13th. #4 is up into 7th. Matech 60 is in the lead while the #70 is two laps back and racing the JLOC.
1h00 Franc Montagny barely into the pits safely.
1h02 One Audi pits while TK watches...
1h02 Corvette into the pits from 2nd.
1h03 Pedro Lamy and Marc Gene both in. Timo Bernhard could get the lead on lap 14.
1h06 GT2 leading Corvette #64 is in the pits and almost hits a GT1 Corvette.
1h06 SALEEN IS IN 2nd IN GT1!!! Best time so far is four minutes and point 880 a second. Everybody else is in the mid-3:58s.
1h07 Strakker and Highcroft in the pits at the same time! And the #40! AND the #35!
1h09 #4 Peugeot is back in fourth.
1h11 Saleen in, and crawling. Out of fuel? Both BMWs are in, Flying Lizard too. Saleen couldn't pick up fuel from its reserve tank.
1h12 Oak racing pushed the #6 Oreca into a bollard at Mulsanne, bollard drops out at Indianapolis.
1h14 Lap 16. The Risi #82 is ALREADY up in 4th. FUCK. Top four GT2 cars into pit.
1h17 “Alan McNish is being careful very rapidly.” I love you Radio Le Mans.
1h17 #70 is up to 2nd place in GT1, behind the #60.
1h19 #2 has gotten four seconds on the #3. Not sure when that happened.
1h20 Corvette 1-2 again in GT2 as the timing has updated after the pit stops. Jaime Melo has done some AMAZING driving to get his car from the back up to the leaders again. He is up in 3rd? I think so. Yes, yes he is. From last to third in 1:20. Congrats Risi!
1h26 Lap 20. Highcroft down by 47 seconds in LMP2.
1h29 #70 is 2 minutes 14 seconds off the #60 – they are one and two.
1h30 Lord Paul Drayson is being interviewed and this is fantastic: he is 15 seconds off pace, in 14th or 15th, and he is SO excited. SO. Super effusive. “I AM LOVING THIS! I just wanted to hand off the car in the same place I found it, and I did. THIS IS SUCH A GREAT RACE!” Spot on mate.
1h32 RML is in and out after getting ahead of Oak. 1st pit was on lap 7. Their first pit was because the dashboard went out.
1h33 #4 in the pit. Comes out just behind McNish in the #7, and just ahead of Bernhard in the #9.
1h34 #70 is 1 minute 55 seconds off the #60 – they are one and two.
1h36 #70 in the pit. Routine stop.
1h37 #70 is 2 minutes 25 seconds off the #60 after the pit – they are one and two.
At some point the 28 spun trying to avoid an Audi.
1h41 Two GT2 cars spin at Mulsanne's corner.
1h42 #2 is in the pits. 12 laps after their last stop. Strategy or is that what they have?
1h43 McNish is in as well, loses a spot to the #4 again, but they are on different pit strategies.
1h43 #8 stopped with 13 laps. #9 with 12 and Bernhard at the wheel.
1h45 Sebastian Bourdais says, “We're racing flat out.” Yeah right. They're trying to get close to Audi's fuel consumption and beat them at their own game. Cute boys, cute.
1h50 Bernhard's #9 in front of McNish's #8.
1h50 Jaguar has nobody working on it, after running 4 laps. The Audis are rotating their drivers in alphabetical order by surname.
1h50 #70 is 1 minute 59 seconds behind the #60 – they are still first and second.
1h54 #79 BMW Art Car is stopped and the driver is looking underneath the car. Gone straight through the chicane. Left rear puncture. Gets back in and tries to limp it home. The #78 has a nasty vibration under braking according to Radio Le Mans.
1h55 Strakka in for fuel and driver change. Highcroft stays out and takes the lead.
1h57 #70 Marc VDS is off into the tyre wall at the Dunlop Esses. Still in the car for a bit. Then they retire.
2h00 Highcroft in the pit. Peugeot still 1-4. A full minute between them and Audi, led by McNish. 30 Laps.
2h07 My internet goes down.
2h26 My internet came back up with... suspension failure? Tyre failure? Something to do with the Audis? Peugeots? What is going on? Internet dies again. The chronos did show that RML took Highcroft to the tune of 15 or 16 seconds.
2h29 Blip of internet: it appears as if Highcroft has gotten their spot back. But they are only 11 seconds up on the #40.
2h30 My internet comes back up. McNish has just hopped out and TK has gotten in. Bernhard was replaced by Dumas. All three Audi's have changed drivers. TK IS IN THE CAR, but behind Dumas. Tyres are triple stinted so drivers are as well. Going to four at night?
2h32 #3 Peugeot has gone into the garage? What the hell happened? Ah, okay, they have a right front suspension problem.
2h36 Corvettes are 6 seconds apart in GT2, while just twenty seconds off them is that AMAZING #82, which started dead last..
2h38 GT1: #60 Matech, followed 22 seconds back by #73 Corvette, followed 7 seconds back by DBR9.
2h41 DBR9 has gotten past the #73.
2h42 TK gets past Dumas – #7 has passed #9.
2h44 JLOC has a right-rear puncture, limping back to the pits.
2h45 Peugeot #3 still in the pits. Car is covered. Checked front-right too.
2h46 JLOC got into the pits.
2h46 24 seconds between #52 and #60.
2h47 Peugeot #3 retired. A suspension pick-up point has pulled out of the carbon tub. Rebellion had the same problem but it was a 24 or 26 hour fix for them. Similar problem to their first Petit Le Mans. Since my overall pick has died, I'm gonna repick the #2 car for the overall win. Oreca is the oldest chassis: 04. #3 is the 06 – new in 2009. The other two are brand new.
2h49 Drayson's #11 being pushed back into the garage. Misfire.
2h52 Highcroft behind Strakka by a mere minute fifteen. Top 3 in GT1 & GT2 separated by a second or so on the same piece of track. The Saleen is consistently lapping under 4 minutes, which is competitive!
2h57 A minute twenty between Strakka and Highcroft.
3h00 #4 is on its way in. My internet dies.
3h06 Internet revives. #2 on Pit road. 12 lap stint.
3h07 50 seconds between the DBR9 and #60 Matech.
3h10 #4 is trying to hold off TK in the #7. Internet goes down. I go to Jon and Keni's wedding.
7h20 Return from wedding. Lap 120
GT1: The #60 is still way in the lead. Saleen is still running and competitive (3rd)!!!
GT2: Risi 82 is still in the lead and the #64 Corvette is less than a second down in second place. The other vette is a minute and 5 seconds down.
LMP1: The #1 has taken over from the #2 and has a minute 15. #4 is still in third but a lap down. Then 3 R15s and the 007 & 009 as usual. Drayon is still running!
LMP2: #42 and #26 are still a little over 11 seconds apart. Awesome! RML is in 5th now. The #35 Pescarolo is in third, two laps down.
7h47 the #1 has dropped off. As has the internet.
7h?? RISI IS IN THE PITS. By 8h02 they are 9th. Ouch. But hey, they came from the back once already, right? They could do it again.
9-10th hour: the #60 drops way down.
10th hour: JLOC breaks down. They fix it.
11h?? #4 drops down to 6th.
12h25 #14 Kolles Audi stopped on track.
16h00 Not much has changed, until the #2 Peugeot catches fire and is abandoned on the course from the lead. Right rear spewing flames and something slick, maybe radiator fluid. Audi 9 & 8 are now first and second. Over the next hour and a half, Anthony Davis in the #1 Peugeot turns in a spectacular drive, gaining a lap and he is coming close to gaining the lead lap at 17h24. Even Gunn was impressed. WE HAVE A RACE AGAIN!!!
17h25 The Corvette #64 spins off into the wall at Porsche Curves it is in the lead and a lap up on the #77 Porsche.
17h26 #64 started and driving again. How long will it take to fix.
17h27 #64 enters pit lane. Luckily he was close to the pits. A lot of rear damage, looks fixable. The team is going to try.
17h28 #1 Peugeot is in the pits, appears to be a routine stop. When are the Audis coming in? Oh, hey, not so routine. They're taping some of the intake.
17h29 #64 is having carbon fibre surgery in the form of ripping bits off the car.
17h30 Safety car is out. Is this for #64 debris and dirt? A lot was spread onto the track. Ah, okay, the #64 was being passed by a Peugeot and was bumped. The safety car is to clean up its debris.
17h36 Seems like everybody is in the pits under safety, but no Audi yet.
17h37 Luc Alphand getting something fixed.
17h38 Green flag, #39 spin. The Peugeot is in front of the two Audis, but is it at the end of the Audi lap, ahead, or a lap down?!?!
17h40 Peugeot getting chased by the #7. P is down 2 laps off lead. #7 down a single lap off him.
17h45 Peugeot has pulled away from the Audi rather steadily. Poor Audi. So slow.
17h49 #4 is in the pits, running in 5th. Saleen still in the lead!!!
17h51 Drayson is in the pits and torn apart. #42 is in the pits for a stop.
17h54 Race leader is in for a routine stop. Audi #9.
17h59 #64 back on track, 5th in class. #4 looks squirly under braking.
18h03 A Porsche, #75, off at mulsanne, 4th car in 2 hours. Drivers are getting tired. Brakes too?
18h04 #26 in pits for driver change. DBR9 back up to 2nd in class, still 10 laps off Saleen. Going to have enough time to take him? Probably not. GO SALEEN!!! Saleen is right on his tail.
18h08 #64 back in the pits for more fixes. Come on boys, you have a race to take back out there.
18h10 #8 in the pits from p2. Routine stop. Gets out in front of the #1 Peugeot.
18h11 #64 back out on track.
18h15 That Peugeot is going like his balls are on fire. No doubt that right now, the #1 and #4 are giving it EVERYTHING they got.
18h19 Driver change In the Saleen. Aston Martin got a lap back.
18h36 Saleen and race leading #9 in pits. Saleen appears to be shedding kitty litter. OH NOES! THEY BACKED THE SALEEN INTO THE GARAGE!!! They're cleaning out kitty litter. They got ten laps. DBR9 got back one lap.
18h42 #64 blowing lots of blue smoke and pulled off to the side. Mashalls push it behind the wall at Mulsanne. #7 in pits.
18h44 Driver change in #42.
18h46 #95 locks up and slides down an access road at Arnage. Back on track with front damage. 2nd place in GT2 currently.
18h48 #95 in pits. Wheeled into garage. Saleen getting wheeled back out. #89 Hankook has taken #2 in GT2. Saleen gave up four or five laps to be cleaned.
18h52 #8 in the pits.
18h56 009 missed the first straight chicane and is SPEWING flame out the tailpipe.
18h58 Got it running again. It's around Mulsanne and headed to the pits. Somebody gets to put more fuel in that. Good luck to that guy.
18h59 #1 is in the pits.
19h00 009 gets to the pits. A couple of bursts of flame for good measure. #95 still being worked on so the #97 Porsche will probably take 3rd in GT2 from them.
19h03 Saleen now only has 6 laps. Will that lead hold?
19h07 Highcroft is going slow on the straight!
19h10 Highcroft just made it around Arnage and the #95 is just starting to get body pieces put back on.
19h11 Highcroft on pit lane... They wheel it directly into the garage, and a round piece of rubber, donut-esque, falls out.
19h12 009 misses another chicane. Doesn't stall it, drives around the tyres.
19h16 Highcroft back into pit lane from garage. 008 spears a tyre wall at Indianapolis.
19h17 Highcroft is under way.
19h19 Leader is in the pit. Another splash and dash.
19h23 The #1, only a lap down, sees an Audi ahead.
19h25 #1 passes #8!!! 008 back on track after being pulled out of the wall with a tractor, limping back to pit lane.
19h27 #75 spins again at Indianapolis. Gets out of the kitty litter again. Highcroft in the garage. Peugeot is pulling away from the #8.
19h30 On the way back in, 008 has dropped some debris in the middle of the Porsche Curves on the racing line. #95 is back out. #52 Aston in for a pit. A radiator is exploding in the Highcroft pits. 008 still not home.
19h32 008 on pit lane. Pushed into garage.
19h35 Drayson is spotted on track running.
19h37 #1 Peugeot sort of cuts and than overshoots a corner on pit lane. By jumping in the air. Stupid. Come on boys, get that car in the lead. Beat Audi. #8 is also in for a driver change.
19h38 009 backwards on the track. Some scary moments as four cars almost hit it and the track marshals. 009 is back going the right way.
19h40 009 on pit lane for a driver change.
19h42 BMW is slow on track.
19h47 BMW makes it into the pits, wheeled into garage.
19h55 #4 in for driver change.
20h03 #1 in pits with a hole in its side. Routine stop. I just went to get a brownie, what happened? Just checked the Chronos and realized the JLOC has retired. Well, they made it to daybreak! If GT1 was around at Le Mans next year and they improved as much as they did this year, they would finish the race! Saleen only has 4 laps over the DBR9. The only other GT1 car left is the Luc Alphand #72 that they were working on at 17h37.
20h07 #7 on pit lane for a driver change.
20h10 Hankook has spotted Felbermeyr ahead. They're 2 laps down, but pushing like hell.
20h22 Both Strakka and Saleen in the pits. Strakka is getting taped. Oak came by to take a lap back, but they're still way down. 5 laps now?
20h25 #15 Kolles into a wall at Indianapolis.
20h27 Tractor pulled him out. Little to no front damage. Back on track.
20h29 #15 on pit lane with a driver change. New back bodywork, then back out.
20h34 #8 into the wall at Arnage. Lots of smoke as it heads back to the pit.
20h35 #8 in pits. New front body.
20h37 #8 out, #1 close. RACE FOR 2nd BEGINS.
20h38 Nose to tail!!!
20h39 first try, no go. Don't screw this up #1.
20h41 Pass complete for 2nd place overall. Now to build a gap before pitting.
20h43 #1 & #9 in pits, #8 gains lap on #9 and retakes 2nd. Splash and dash for #1.
20h53 #1 is 51 seconds down off #8. Let's do this!!!
20h59 #15 off side of road. Bring on the full course caution... please... doesn't look like a caution will be forthcoming.
21h00 Gap down to 45 seconds.
21h01 #4 is in the pits, back body panel is off. Not sure whether they tried to fix the squirly issues or just replaced a body panel or both.
21h14 #75 in for another tyre puncture, pushed into garage.
21h15 #8 in the pits, loses a lap. Peugeot into the second place spot. How do we still have a serious battle for first with 2h45 left? I love you Le Mans.
21h22 The Highcroft pilot has fallen asleep in the cockpit waiting for the boys to decide whether to fix it or throw in the towel.
21h25 #1 Peugeot and Audi #9 in the pits. After the exit, the #1 can see the #9 ahead, but #8 got past again to retake 2nd.
21h33 #1 is 15 seconds back on #8.
21h38 #1 can see him and is just reeling him in.
21h41 #1 takes 2nd place from the #8.
21h45 #1 can now see the #9 leader, but is still a lap down from him.
21h48 #1 smoking and a BIG puff of smoke at Indianapolis. That looks like a blown engine. You've got to be kidding me.
21h51 #1 wheeled backwards into the garage with magic smoke coming out the back – right rear. Is that the race? It tracked oil back to the paddock. They open up the rear, two engineers peek in at it and hang their heads. Looks like the race to me.
21h53 The Peugeot team boss bursts into tears on international live television and the bastards film him crying for a couple minutes.
22h00 So that's got to be the race. Audi 1, 2, and possibly 3. TK is in the 3rd place #7, but on the same lap as the #4. But he is TK. So barring acts of God or major lapses on Audi's part, an Audi 1-2-3 is most likely now. I'm not even gonna finish watching. I think Saleen will get the final GT1 win, they're up by 5 laps. Strakka will take the LMP2 if their car doesn't break down either. In GT2, each car is separated by enough laps that everyone can play it safe from here on in.
22h04 He's still crying and they're still filming it.
22h09 #4 is 2:08 off #7.
22h12 #4 is 2:03 off #7.
As I go to bed: That Peugeot #1 was spectacular. For six hours they made Audi their bitch, taking back lap after lap after the lead Peugeot retired – their cars were at least 2 seconds quicker. That was some of the best driving and racing I've seen in a while. They owned Le Mans. But, then again, Le Mans always finds a way to fight back, and a blown engine on the bad-luck Indianapolis day ended their chances. But, at the same time, it's a FIVE year old car. Seriously having three conk out on you like that at Le Mans? Come on guys. Get some reliability. EVERY factory Peugeot died. That's more than bad luck to me.

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Evan Gunn said...

Maybe it is a sign Norm. One prediction came true for you, but that was probably to let you keep a small semblance of your self esteem to continue making bad predictions. Get out of there dude.