Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daily Write Part 4

Gunn and I have decided to post our daily, 15 minute freewrites for five days.


The word had come upon him like a slow, rising tide, like a soft piece falling into place, making pleasure real. He felt the truth in the thing. It wasn't that he knew, logically or reasonably, but he knew nonetheless. That last bit of brain clicking softly with the rest like two cardboard puzzle pieces. And in the end, that is all it ever is. Science, Religion, Politics – these are all based solely on faith. Science even tells us itself that our senses our fallible and our mind over-interprets every input, every thing we see, every food we smell, every touch we feel. These things are, by the time we realize them, interpreted: our brain flips what our eyes see, strings together disparate snapshots of what is seen. On the other hand, Science tells us that truth only comes from sensation and reflection – neither of which are logical processes we can trust. Everything is based on faith. Show me in a way that I can remake that the tides are caused by the moon interacting with the earth, by their gravitational relationship. Hint: to do this you must first prove to me that the world is spherelike, the moon too, that gravity on a cosmic scale and in a cosmic location is active. We all simply rehash what we have been told, what we believe, what we know. Reason is a whore. The only thing it can do is take us from a set of premises and give us a logical conclusion. Those premises though are unreasonable, just by their being.
His chair creaked as he shifted his weight imperceptibly. His bulk causing one bolt or another to shift in relation to the rest of the chair, or that's what he thought it was.

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