Wednesday, June 08, 2011

My Le Mans 2011 Rooting Schedule

With the first practice scheduled to go down later today, before anybody gets their times put forth, let me lay out who I am rooting for in the 79th running of Le Mans.

1. Pescarolo: When nobody would show up and race Audi for years, Pescarolo did. Good luck Pesky! Still behind you! Welcome back!
2. Team Oreca-Matmut: Just like last year. I love my privateer teams in fast cars.
3. Rebellion Racing: I love Lolas. Such Purdy Cars.
4. Hope Racing: A Hybrid, at Le Mans? So racing is supposed to lead technological development, this shows otherwise. A Consumer development, hybrid technology, put into a racecar. I look forward to this.
5. Peugeot over Audi, any day of the week.

1. Level 5 Motorsports: Lola Coupe. REALLY HOT. And Amurican.
2. Greaves Motorsport: the renamed Team Bruichladdich still has that drop-dead-sexy Zytek, but they now have a Nissan engine.
3. Oak Racing: Hopefully no fires this year, right? Well these guys got the old Pescarolo Chassis that I rooted for last year, but this year they shoved a German engine into it - BMW - and it'll be interesting to watch their performance. First time BMW has been in the LMP2, right?

1. Lotus: Finally.
2. Jota Aston Martin: I already mentioned that it was an Aston, right? Nothing more needs to be said.
3. Hankook 458: Ferrari, Porsche, who cares? Hankook tyres spearheading Korean involvement in Le Mans? I'm all about that. Less flats this year please.
4. Corvette: They dominated for years - scared all the other competition away. Let's see if they can do it again, just in their new car.
5. Flying Lizard: Go Silicon Valley and ALMS team! They need another win at Le Mans.

1. Robertson Racing: Finally, my favorite new racing team of the last few years gets to Le Mans. American too. Spearheading development of the Ford GT as a race car, the husband-and-wife-duo have stolen my heart as a fan. I hope they have no reliability issues. Oh yeah, also the first husband-and-wife-duo ever at Le Mans.
2. Gulf AMR Middle East: Representing another under-represented country and region, and doing it in an Aston Martin on Dunlop tyres instead of the Michelins it seems almost everybody else is running. What's not to like?
3. Flying Lizard: Go Silicon Valley and ALMS team! They need another win at Le Mans.
4. Larbre Corvette: Yay! Corvette!


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