Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Stanley Cup Finals Predictions

Predictions Update: Don Cherry thinks the Canucks are going to win.

Predictions Update 2: So do 5 out of 6 staff members at I think senior writer Dan Rosen said what I think the best: "The Canucks were the best team in the regular season and the best team in the best conference in the playoffs. They have a deeper defense, a far superior power play and the Sedin twins [and Keseler (man gets no love I tell you)]. Tim Thomas will steal a game or two, but not the series."

Predictions Update 3: I've been asked to give my prediction. I can never predict hockey. Partially because I always pick the Canucks and, well, they've never won a cup. I think we have a good shot, but Boston scares me quite a bit. I'll say Canucks in 6.

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